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House of Worship and School Security – Clarity Technologies Group, LLC at Cherry Hills Community Church, Highlands Ranch, CO

I looked at the woodcut “In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions” , by Irving Amen from the time I was a young child growing up in Newark, NJ. It now hangs in my home and it has always held a special place in my life.

We, of all faiths, need to concern ourselves with the security of every religious institution, protect their congregations, and ensure the safety of children while in school and at play.

Recently, Clarity Technologies Group, LLC designed, a security solution for Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Clarity installed over 70,000 feet of Cat 6 cable, set up a V-Lan with the assistance of the churches IT group, and along with the Konica Minolta Business Systems and Mobotix teams programmed the cameras, aimed, and focused each one for optimum performance.

Cherry Hills Community Church occupies a dynamic campus on 66 acres of land in the heart of Highlands Ranch, with facilities totaling 255,000 square feet. Their main building includes a 3,500-seat auditorium, atrium, a coffee shop, prayer room, their bookstore, library, gymnasium and numerous classrooms. Outdoor spaces include a patio, a memorial Garden, athletic fields and playgrounds. As a separate and special landmark. Their Chapel hosts weddings, funerals, memorials and other significant events.

Clarity worked with the Konica Minolta Mobotix and Cherry Hills Community Church team to design, install the required structured cabling, confirm and supplement the required network infrastructure, provide unique mounting solutions, and minimize interruption of the school, church, and community activities that go on seven days a week, many overnight.

Coming up with a church security plan was the first step in ensuring the security and safety of the congregation at the church and the school. Determining what physical security measures were needed on site was the next phase and took place over a lengthy review process.


Cherry Hills Community Church and School decided to utilize Mobotix A decision was made to utilize Mobotix cameras ( The team performed a security assessment and the type of camera and locations were identified.

Ultimately a mix of Mobotix P 6, D 16, I 26, C 26, V 26, and M 26 cameras by Mobotix were deployed with over 125 cameras installed covering the perimeter, classrooms, gymnasiums, chapel, and worship center.
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