3CX SBC: Beta version

The updated Beta version of the Session Border Controller (SBC) has been launched with drastic changings to the High Availability (HA) Cluster configuration together with latest fixes for stability and connectivity. If you already have session broader controllers deployed in standalone or high-availability mode, this is a version you definitely need to check out!

Streamlined Configuration:

Improved High Availability (HA) Cluster configuration is in new session broader controller Beta version. This latest SBC Beta version provides an updated and smoother initial configuration for the High Availability (HA) Cluster with:

  1. Time zone:

The current system time zone is now shown on the “Prerequisites” screen to assist in case this setting needs to be re-configured on either node.

  1. To Ping or Not to Ping:

The cluster’s Ping Resource service can be easily allowed or disallowed from the initial configuration wizard, so the SBC cluster can be used in networks regardless of ping message restrictions. If allowed, you can now specify up to three IP or FQDN addresses as ping targets on the initial configuration for the primary cluster node.

Cleaner Uninstall:

The SBC cluster uninstall process has also been upgraded to remove all the dependencies of uninstalled packages. This clears up your system in case of a misconfiguration and prepares it for re-installing a session broader controller cluster node.

Requirements & Known Issues

  1. Requires the latest version of 3CX v16.
  2. Check the “Prerequisites” section in the SBC HA guide for more info.


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