Transportation and Mobility with MOBOTIX

A robust camera, Hemispheric technology, decentralized image, and event management makes MOBOTIX the logical choice for mobile security.


Mobotix is Strong and Reliable in Every Vehicle at Any Speed:

Operators of public and private commercial cargo fleets must be more alert than ever against vandalism, theft, and violence, to stay competitive, and attractive for passengers and cargo in the future. A key contribution is the decentralized, high-resolution video security technology from MOBOTIX because that helps to identify intruders much faster with highly detailed and gapless recordings compared to conventional video systems.

Video Secured by MOBOTIX is confirmed to be a strong deterrence of potential offenders and will helps to maximize safety and security of passengers, cargo, and drivers. Security installers worldwide have been excited about the effectiveness and astounding image quality of MOBOTIX systems.

Intelligent IP Video Solutions:

The S16 Flex Mount System is Ideal for Use in Vehicles:

To ensure absolute reliability in mobile applications even under extreme environmental conditions, the S16 MOBOTIX cameras with various sensors (lenses) have successfully passed the toughest certification tests. Simple installation, low space requirements and the absence of expensive, fragile recording devices results in a cost-effective security solution for all types of vehicles. The MOBOTIX S16, provides a protected mountable camera housing with integrated flash memory is resistant against shock, vibration, and temperature variations. The ability to exchange the sensor module has proven to be cost-effective and practical without having to dismantle the entire camera during transportation all recordings are maintained.

Smart and functional accessories enable the discrete operation to ensure passenger safety and protection against vandalism and damage in vehicles. The behavior of passengers and drivers can be documented at any time. It is important to know the status of the bus, train, or truck whether it is within the predefined operational area or does a particular incident require the support of the nearest Police or Fire Department. Based on the transmission using the latest video and GPS data, emergency personnel can be directed quickly to the required location.

Discrete and Efficient with Hemispheric:

The use of hemispheric technology in the MOBOTIX S16 or Q26 provides effective coverage of the complete vehicle interior with just one single camera. Installed with a surround mount in the middle of the bus, the entire passenger compartment is secured without any blind spot. An S16 or Q26 covers the complete area of the driver including entrance, interior, and outside.

In addition, an external camera at the rear or front increases safety in and around the vehicle. The consequent absence of moving parts and thus the guarantee of this robust camera, results in video solutions including recordings which are known as nearly maintenance free. Instead of traditional hard drives which are considered problematic and expensive in automotive environments, industry-standard SD-cards are integrated directly in the camera to provide reliable storage. Automatic video archiving and connection to IoT (Internet of Things) can be easily implemented upon arrival at a depot.

MOBOTIX has developed and manufactured IP video systems, video management and analysis software in Germany since 2000.

MOBOTIX stands out for its high level of reliability. All outdoor cameras are subjected to a stress test for temperatures between -30°C and +60°C (-22°F and +140°F). Without additional components, without heating or cooling and with no moving parts for example auto iris, they are virtually maintenance free.

MOBOTIX delivers a perfectly matched package starting with the microSD card for storage management and HD audio (microphone and speaker) with VoIP telephony through video analysis, a professional video management system and motion detection software reducing false alarms.

The decentralized architecture means that a central computer is not required, and the network load is minimal. The intelligent cameras from MOBOTIX process and store image data themselves trigger events also in the event of remote access, manage the frame rate and resolution depending on the available bandwidth.

The MOBOTIX 6MP Moonlight sensors and available complementary thermal imaging technology ensure reliable detection of moving objects, even under the most challenging light conditions and over long distances. As a result, it is possible to cover large areas with just a few cameras. Less power cabling, less IT infrastructure and fewer additional light sources are needed. MOBOTIX cameras are powered using standard PoE and do not require more than 4-5 watts.

An intelligent IP video system from MOBOTIX allows you to reduce total costs. The investment pays for itself after a short time and the free-of charge software and updates ensure it is a future-proof investment.

Clarity is proud to be a Mobotix Gold Partner serving the Americas with installations as large as one thousand cameras and as small as one. System survey, design, installation, and implementation are Clarity’s strengths in the marketplace. This coupled with utilizing our teams from the edge in and have a structured cabling division, has helped Clarity to standout in the security, transportation, retail, and industrial application areas.


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