5 Reasons to Make the Switch to a WatchGuard Firewall


Encrypting web traffic has become an increasingly hot topic in the cyber security world. It is estimated that 75% of all web traffic will be encrypted by 2020. The need to provide privacy on the web is growing at a very rapid speed as more and more organizations have started adopting HTTPS for security measures.

But just because your web traffic is encrypted, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to malware attacks. Hackers are using encrypted traffic as a way to exploit websites to deliver malware. That’s why inspecting your encrypted traffic is critical.


The Importance:

Traditional firewalls are unable to inspect encrypted traffic effectively leaving you vulnerable to possible attacks. To begin inspecting SSL-encrypted traffic both inbound and outbound traffic must be decrypted before inspection. Directly after, that traffic must be re-encrypted and re-encapsulated. This process happens within seconds and leaves room for exposure especially if your security architecture is already at risk for an attack.

Gaps in Your Security:

With more and more organizations moving to encrypted web traffic, the vulnerability that the encryption process presents is also one of the biggest performance drains on your firewall. It’s an amplification effect that an SSL-based attack requires 15 times more resources from the server side than the client side. Therefore, implementing a security solution that defends against an SSL-based attack is critical but the solution must able to keep up with the performance requirements of your organization.

WatchGuard Initiative for Security Education is a program designed to provide our products, services and combined knowledge to qualifying academic institutions. It includes WatchGuard Firebox, Auth-Point and Secure Wi-Fi.

These are the 5 Reasons that Make you Switch from Sonic to WatchGuard Firewall:

1: Security Efficacy for Encrypted Traffic:

WatchGuard solutions are the top performing appliances with all security services turned on while scanning encrypted traffic. Finally leverage the security services you’ve paid for without compromising on performance. Stop choosing between security and performance.

2: Most Robust Offering Through One License:

WatchGuard Total Security Suite provides the most robust offering of security services through one license and one appliance. From fundamental services like URL filtering and spam prevention to our advanced services like IntelligentAV and DNSWatch, WatchGuard’s layered defenses protect you from the threats of today and tomorrow.

3: Reporting and Management:

WatchGuard Dimension offers advanced reporting and management capabilities included with every appliance. This platform offers detailed visibility into the security threats, issues and trends that are happening in your network.

4: Email Security Appliances:

WatchGuard offers security for phishing and spam prevention through one appliance with Total Security Suite.

5: WatchGuard Total Cost of Ownership:

While SonicWall appliances are competitively priced against WatchGuard, our solutions are a much better value when considering the price per protected Mb per second. With full UTM services enabled, WatchGuard solutions are as much as 1/5 the cost of a SonicWall deployment.

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