How Much of Your IP Phone systems You are Getting


Traditional Telephone systems are still in use in some of the key sectors such as corporate, education, e-learning, contact centers, and health care. Phone systems worked well a few years ago and provide all the basic business functions. These traditional phone systems are like a typical office phone system setup, but does it help to provide the flexibility and efficiency that’s much needed today?

Today, phone systems are not just standalone phone service. There are a set of tools that work together as a part of a unified communication system. During the COVID-19, Pandemic employers are working away from the workplace for health reasons or to simply follow the law of self-quarantine. They are working from home, in a hotel room and even participate in meetings via their car. Modern Businesses, on the other hand need to put reliable platforms in place for all types of remote workers.

At Clarity Technologies Group, we have, for more than 20 years, developed the skills and expertise required to provide Unified Communications. We have worked with several different platforms and systems. However, the only one which stands out from the crowd is 3CX Phone System. 3CX is a renowned for Unified Communications Solutions.

Clarity Technologies Group has been providing 3CX phone system service to many companies worldwide. This is because 3CX is a very simple, easy to manage PBX built for teleworking which is affordable to use and flexible. It can be used as a communication tool during Pandemic on virtually on any laptop, mobile phone, or dedicated desk phone hardware. Here, are some of the features that your business may not have tried or are not being provided by your current phone system provider.

3CX WebMeeting:

3CX WebMeeting is an unparalleled, clientless web conferencing and collaboration solution that transforms your communications, maximizes productivity, slashes travel costs, boosts customer service and propels sales!

You can take your phone call to the next level by adding interactive features that enrich your communications. With HD video, you can make eye to eye contact with your participants, judge the success of your meeting in real-time. You no longer need to guess your customer’s reactions or feelings as you can see their facial expressions.

You can go further and achieve more with the in-built video conferencing features 3CX WebMeeting has to offer. You can display and upload PDFs, share Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, your screen or your latest advertorial design with your colleagues and clients. Leverage the online whiteboard feature, collaborate interactively by brainstorming ideas, build presentations, and reports together with your team quickly and effectively.

Web Client:

With a softphone or WebClient, you can easily manage calls from your desktop or browser. Whether you are in the office, at home or on the road, using 3CX Windows or Web Client will greatly reduce costs and admin headaches. No additional hardware costs for desktop handsets.

Android and IOS App:

With the freedom of VoIP and the flexibility of a smartphone, mobile communications are no longer tied down by your cell phone company. With the 3CXPhone app for Android or iOS, you can take your office extension with you anywhere. 3CXPhone will enable you to answer calls from your office phone extension via your smartphone or even a tablet. You can also transfer to colleagues without asking customers to call another number. Imagine the cost savings on your company’s mobile phone costs. 3CX includes Android and iOS business VoIP apps for free. Work remotely, increase productivity, and make sure you never miss a call again!

Live Chat & Talk:

With our WordPress Chat plugin, you can quickly and easily add live chat support to your WordPress website. Your website visitors will be able to chat with you and call your company in real-time. No need to call your 800 number – they can connect with a single click. Connect visitors to your call center or sales team and watch conversion rates skyrocket! Calls are forwarded to your phone system free of charge using WebRTC technology.

If your website doesn’t run on WordPress 3CX Live Chat and Talk is available for any CMS or custom-built site. Keep all your communications on one platform and save admin time, learning curves and monthly subscriptions costs! Your team will love it and so will your customers!


To get a small business cloud-based PBX phone system for your company, visit Clarity Technologies Group and get a free trial for up to  3 years.


Clarity is proud to have been providing on site Cloud and Hosted Telephony services to the America and the world since 2006. Our clients are Worldwide currently using our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations.


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