Clarity Technologies Group and Datto


Datto empowers the world’s small and medium businesses to thrive. The world’s fastest-growing companies rely on it to protect their business continuity, ensure ongoing networking, provide companies a single source of truth for IT business management, secure file collaboration, backup and more.

Clarity and Datto have been working in the following fields of service:

Unified Continuity:

Datto Unified Continuity gives clients the comprehensive tools necessary for them to protect their critical business data living on on-premises servers, personal devices and in the cloud. Datto Continuity offers data backup, recovery, and business continuity protection for local, virtual and cloud environments within a single platform.

Cloud Continuity for PCs:

Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs protects client-based endpoints against ransomware, loss or theft, accidental data deletion with continuous backup and streamlined recovery tools.

Datto SaaS Protection:

Datto SaaS Protection decouples data protection from SaaS user accounts giving MSPs complete control over their client’s data protection. It provides automated point-in-time SaaS backups capturing relevant changes across the entire Microsoft O365 and G-Suite.  Additionally, it also provides an independent copy of the data outside of SaaS provider servers.


From pricing to deployment and ongoing management in the cloud, Datto Networking was designed purpose-built for clients to be delivered and as a managed service. It eliminates client downtime and expensive business interruptions with always-on networking that you can be securely managed from anywhere in the world.

File Backup & Sync:

It enables clients to seamlessly collaborate in real-time, backup and restore work without sacrificing security, power or simplicity.

Business Management:

Datto gives your business a competitive edge with a single pane of glass that helps your business operate efficiently, deliver data-backed insights and support to clients.

Email Security:

It is the smartest way to protect against email threats against security breaches. Ensure Email Security for Office 365 or on-site solutions and combines advanced artificial intelligence capabilities with patented machine learning models to keep inboxes safe.

Clarity is proud to have been providing Datto Security and Backup Solutions to North America for many years including with clients worldwide offering our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations


Call Clarity at 800-354-4160 today or email us at [email protected] . We are partnered internationally around the globe and we are open seven days a week 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST/EDT. .

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