3CX Web-Meeting Security Vs. Zoom


As the coronavirus pandemic forced millions of people to stay home over the past two months, Zoom suddenly became the video meeting service of choice. Daily meeting participants on the platform surged from 10 million in December to 200 million in March and 300 million daily meeting participants in April.

With that popularity came, Zoom’s privacy risks extending rapidly to massive numbers of people. From built-in attention-tracking features to recent upticks in “Zoom bombing” in which uninvited attendees break in and started disrupting meetings, often with hate-filled or pornographic content, the company’s security practices have been drawing more attention along with at least three lawsuits filed against them.

Here are some events that we know about the Zoom security and when it occurred.

April 23 DALLAS:

Managing the outbreak has been easier for some than others. Video conferencing has allowed some people to keep doing their jobs and not be in the office. These events may lead to new dangers same as Dallas ISD students, parents and educators have experienced.

A Zoom call to discuss magnet school graduations ended abruptly after images of child porn surfaced on the screen.

April 10 Pentagon restricts Zoom use:

The Department of Defense issued new guidance on the use of Zoom as reported Friday by Voice of America. While the Pentagon’s new rule allows the use of Zoom for Government, a paid service tier of the software, a spokesperson told VOA that “DOD users may not host meetings using Zoom’s free or commercial offerings.”

March 30 Classroom Zoom bombings reported:

Reported cases of classroom Zoom bombings including an incident where hackers broke into a class meeting and displayed a swastika on students’ screens that led the FBI to issue a public warning about Zoom’s security vulnerabilities. The organization advised educators to protect video calls with passwords and to lock down meeting security with currently available privacy features in the software.  And more.

3CX Web-meeting:

The latest 3CX Web-Meeting update includes upgrades to the Android and iOS apps, reinforced back-end security and functionality that includes a laundry list of minor updates and fixes. The whole Web-Meeting platform is now more secure and agile with:

  1. Hardened TLS/SSL: This security overhaul introduces more secure TLS/SSL Ciphers for all Web-Meeting microservices, including the converter, MCUs, portal and file transfers.
  2. Extended Duration: Meeting duration is now increased to a maximum of 90 hours. This should take care of any marathon online meetings you have in mind or schedule.
  3. Expanded Remote Control: This latest update makes Remote Control now possible for quick online meetings.
  4. Updated UI: Introducing a more modern and intuitive interface.

3cx3CX Web-Meeting App Features:

The Web-Meeting apps get their fair share of attention in this update with a focus on:

  1. Compliance with Latest WebRTC: The apps now offer full compatibility with the most up to date WebRTC SDP schema as implemented in recent Chrome and Firefox versions.
  2. Energy-saving Efficiency: Up to 3X less battery usage for your Android and iOS device when participating in multi-video meetings.
  3. Service Status: You can check 3CX Web-Meeting’s Service Status page anytime and from anyplace to monitor the service status.

Requirements & Known Issues:

You need to update to the latest Android and iOS apps to use Web-Meeting. The old apps are incompatible with the current platform.

Simply log in to Web-Meeting to enjoy all these features in your next conference and stay tuned for more updates. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback via the dedicated forum.

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