Mother’s Day How to Celebrate While Social Distancing

Whether you can be with your mom this Mother’s Day or not, here are some ways to make sure your mother feels extra appreciated and special this year.

this Day is no doubt going to be different this year. In years past, families may have gathered to celebrate the mothers in their lives whether that is Mom, Grandma, aunt, family friend or neighbor. This year, we have to be cautious about who we celebrate with and how. Here are some tips for making sure Mother’s Day is special despite our normal-for-now whether it’s at home together or apart.

Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home with your mother using these tips:

Make Mom a Homemade Gift:

A harsh reality is sinking in for many, the kids are not coming home from school with the usual Mother’s Day craft gift. Luckily, you still have time to make that happen for Mom at home.

Order or Make Her Favorite Dinner:

Whether it is takeout or a home-cooked dinner, turn the house into a restaurant for mother. Put down a tablecloth, light a candle or two and have the kids pretend to be the servers.

Plan a Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt:

Surely your home is filled with relics and memories the kids share with their mothers. Look for things around the house with Mom that represent special moments and bring back happy memories you’ve experienced together.

Have a Picnic in the Backyard:

If the weather holds up on Mother’s Day and as of right now the forecast for New York is looking clear, plan a special backyard picnic.

Give Mom the Day Off:

Mothers are superheroes under regular circumstances and right now, they are balancing motherhood with homeschooling all while being someone for the whole family to turn to in this time of uncertainty. Give Mom the day off from being the designated superhero by getting up early to finish some house chores, make her breakfast in bed or even plan a full at-home spa day. You can make Mom a bath bomb to use or it can be an activity you do together.

Make a Mother’s Day Cocktail:

You can make Mom feel like she is enjoying a special drink out at a restaurant with the ingredients you already have in your home.

Celebrating Mother’s Day if You Can’t Be with you mother:

Not being with your mother on a special day like this can be difficult but it’s something some of us need to do to keep each other safe. Because of the world we live in, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate virtually even if you cannot be with your mother in person. Here are some ideas:

Virtual Celebration:

Order the same dinner or cook a meal and then eat together over 3CX for a virtual Mother’s Day Celebration. You can even get dressed up to make the occasion feel more exciting and out of the ordinary.

Write Mom a Letter:

An old fashioned, handwritten letter via snail mail never gets old. Take this extra time to tell your mother how you feel about her and thank her for all of the things that she does for you and mail it so she has something exciting to open on Mother’s Day.

Drive by Celebration:

If you live close enough to drive by or say hello from a safe distance, seeing her kids on Mother’s Day at all will surely bring a smile to any mom’s face.

Happy Mother’s Day from:


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