Protect your employees and clients with KENTIX SmartXcan and Fever Detection

Fever is a symptom of COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus. The idea is that thermal cameras can ferret out sick people in a crowd by finding those who have elevated temperatures. According to thermal imaging and virus surveillance experts is that thermal imaging is an imprecise method for scanning crowds and does not measure inner-body temperature.


The experts also noted that the coronavirus only produces a fever after a person is infected for multiple days, if there are symptoms found. A recent study in Iceland looking at tests found that 50 percent of everyone who tested positive were asymptomatic. The rise in demand of thermal cameras is inevitable as governments are looking for modern ways to track who are sick including providing smartphone location data.

There are several companies that are selling thermal cameras for fever detection including Clarity Technologies Group and KENTIX.

Inaccurate Assumptions:

Thermal cameras may be able to accurately read a person’s skin temperature but that does not mean that they are effective at identifying people who have been infected with the coronavirus.

KENTIX SmartXcan:

KENTIX SmartXcan provides the most reliable and simple solution for self-checking or combining temperature-checking with badge readers. Currently, KENTIX is the best solution designed for a quick, safe and reliable scan for elevated body temperature. This reasonably priced solution may be the answer to controlling access to the premises that you need.

Perfect for Employee, Customer, Restaurant, and Child Care Center entrances!


  1. Contactless body temperature measurement.
  2. DSGVO-compliant operation possible through self-measurement.
  3. High precision measurement over 1,000 measuring points.
  4. Manipulation protection through intel.
  5. Thermal image analysis.


  1. Self-explanatory user guidance through intelligent sensor technology.
  2. Simple and flexible mounting.
  3. Live control via web browser for doormen.
  4. Automatic control of doors or turnstiles.


  1. Fast measurement in less than 1 second.
  2. High throughput up to 700 individuals/hour.
  3. Early detection of regionally emerging fever hotspots.
  4. Plug & Play installation through PoE connection.

The Clarity concept started in 1977 as a physical security company and has evolved over time. Our expertise started maturing with alarm systems, telephone key systems, computers, and associated products. Today we are part of the cutting edge with major US and international clients. We are proud, of our growth and formation into a group of highly focused and specialized ITSP, SIP Provider, IPTV, Network and Cyber Security specialist’s. Clarity has been providing peace of mind for our clients from the edge to the world and back for many years.


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