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Traits of Immaculate Restaurant Web Design

Restaurant websites are more significant than ever as a lot of people has started using their smart phones to find out what kind of food is offered by the restaurant, what is its cost, whether it offer takeaway or delivery, how to reach their restaurant and even for booking a table. When customer wants to try something new, they use their smart phones to find out the best available restaurant in the neighborhood. Current trends have essentially evolved the online food industry into a multi-billion-dollar niche. Your favorite meal is just a few clicks away.

There are more than a million restaurants in the United States and an adequate selection available in any medium-sized town. For a restaurant to successfully tempt their potential customers, the website needs to be well-designed and perfectly functional. What should you include? Just keep reading.

1. Beautiful and Mesmerizing Food Photography

The reach goal of any business website is to sell right? If a website is trying to sell BBQ to motivate potential customers to dine in, appetizing photos are one of the most effective ways to urge a hungry person looking for BBQ party. Yummy pictures and videos of the cuisine the restaurant specializes in is a must and one of the first things that will attract the website visitor upon landing your site.

What is a Kung-Pao Chow Mein? Show them! What is the difference between Pizza de Italiano and Hawaiian Pizza? Show Them! Restaurant websites without attractive product photography is just like a car without an engine, it simply won’t run.

2. Mobile Access/Optimization

Around 60% of web traffic nowadays is from smart phones and the numbers are growing at rapid pace every year. More and more people use mobile exclusively for their internet browsing requirements. Somebody looking for a place to eat is likely out and about and they’ll use their smart phones to search for a restaurant. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re potentially losing a lot of customers. Test your website on every mobile device to ensure it looks the way you want it to be.

3. Restaurant Food and Drink Menu

It is very important for the website to have the menu that is offered by the restaurant. When it comes to a restaurant website design the menu is the most likely feature that your customers are looking for. A restaurant website must have an easy to go item Menu with categories such as Starters, Main Course, Sidelines, Salads, Desserts and Drinks. Make sure you go full creative mode while designing your menu, a brief description of every item is a must with prices clearly mentioned and eye-catching product photography. There must be an option of separate items as well as meals/deals/combos to anchor any foodie’s psyche.

4. Social Profiles and Contact Info

Social media is crucial in today’s world of marketing, no matter what the business is offering. Be sure to link your site to your social channels and provide the dormant customer with the potential to more easily establish a reputation. Directions and a local area map are also very appreciated by those passing through, new or unfamiliar with the restaurant’s location and can help bring more customers.

Examples to Emulate

Here is our client Gusto46’ ( restaurant that perfectly captures the great things about restaurant web design.

The Don’ts of Restaurant Web Design

1. Auto-Play Music

We don’t know why, but many of the restaurant designs seem to have this. Might be it’s an aura thing that’s supposed to make customers suppose sitting in the restaurant? But don’t include it. It is much more of an annoyance than an inspiration.

2. An Auto-Play Embedded Video of the Owner

Videos can be as equally disturbing as auto-play elevator music. Most website visitors just want to visit the site themselves, see what the restaurant has, be informed of prices and maybe appropriate attire. They don’t care about the owner’s “personalized” greetings. Save that kind of thing for social media marketing.

3. Missing Details

When adding menu items or anything else people will encounter in your placement of business, be as detailed as possible. Use detailed menus to show an image of the entrees, and list the ingredients as well. Some people have allergies to some ingredients or are on a low budget, so they’ll want to know everything used in a recipe, as well as the price.

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