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Industries Being Changed by DevOps

DevOps came into being in the software sector while the companies are implementing it and realized that they can accomplish projects more efficiently when the development and operations teams collaborate and communicate with each other instead of working in a silo-type environment.

However, DevOps and its practices are not limited to IT industry but also span across different industries. Following are the industries also taking advantage of this technology.

1. Banking:

The banking sector is traditionally not at the forefront when it comes to uprooting how the companies within this sector do business. However, some of them realize that a certain amount of innovation is necessary to remain competitive. Many banks reached that conclusion and started implementing DevOps principles. It applied them to the technology side of aspects and in all other segments of the business ranging from compliance to human resources. After moving towards the developed approach, the entities had more than 200 teams using DevOps and gained a 90% reduction in turnaround time as a result.

2. Insurance:

The insurance sector has also made pace by deciding to take the DevOps approach. Sometimes, companies within the industry choose to do so after realizing that they need to release an application to better suit customer’s needs. The thought was that by doing so it would be easy to assist customer’s needs and respond to their requests without such extensive delays. In another instance started using DevOps and noticed a 70% reduction in user downtime.

3. Inventory management:

Nowadays warehouses are substantially more high-tech than the ones from the past. A warehouse management system can keep track of stock numbers, product categories and more, telling warehouse workers precisely where to find the desired item within a straggled warehouse. Implementing a WMS into a facility for the first time is not always easy but it can become more uncomplicated with help from DevOps.

4. Healthcare:

DevOps is also producing positive changes in health care. That’s significantly true since health care industries increasingly use big data platforms to gain more insights from collected data and use it to bring about advancement for healthcare providers and patients. One part of DevOps practices involves automation repeatable practices to minimize manual labor.

5. Hospitality:

The internet has dramatically changed how people search for hotels, book rooms, hire special events managers and much more. It’s not surprising that many of the companies in the sector choose DevOps to maintain their competitiveness. Utilizing DevOps allows hospitality enterprises to assure that they’re well-equipped to meet guests according to their needs and deliver convenience to them.

Industries can get benefit by using DevOps even if they are not tech-oriented. One of the main goals of DevOps is to stop sectors from working in compartmentalized ways and urge them to communicate with each other instead. That aim helps things get achieved faster and with less friction.

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