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Real Estate Website Design is a Failure Without These Features

A real estate website is one of the easiest ways to connect with people searching for properties and generate leads. But not every website generates these benefits. Whether you plan to take your real estate agency online with a new website or already have one, make sure it has below listed features.

If it doesn’t have any, then, we are sorry to say that it is nothing but garbage;

Clear Navigation:

A brilliant real estate website design is one that makes the website easy to use for first time visitors. Most important pages of the entire website should be highlighted through a clearly visible top navigation bar and explicitly labeled buttons. Do not try to experiment a lot with the navigation.

A decade spent on creating websites has taught us that one should stick to basics when it comes to navigation. People find it very difficult to navigate through an animated website or one that has horizontal navigation instead of a vertical one. They like to scroll from top to bottom and not from left to right. If your website has too many inner pages, ask your web design company to build you a search bar.

No matter how simple the navigation is, there is no harm in giving a short tutorial to your first-time visitors about how they can easily use the website.

Featured Listings:

Featured listings section is required to display properties for rent & sale. This helps in bringing popular properties to the notice of website visitors. There can be a featured listings section on the home page and a dedicated inner page for the same. The listings should not just be images but also have some basic information about the property. In addition to that, your home page should connect visitors to important inner pages.

Mobile Optimized Website Design:

More and more people search for local real estate properties & information on the move. Tell you hired real estate website designer to make your website mobile ready from the very beginning. A mobile friendly or responsive website design fits well in all mobile devices and is optimized mobile users.

Those who already have a mobile optimized website can now work towards a mobile application if business demands.

Dedicated Landing Pages:

To get maximum benefit from your online marketing & promotional campaigns, you need dedicated pages where visitors will “land”. The landing page should talk about and elaborate the content of the ad they clicked on. You should not divert all the visitors to your home page and expect the user to look for the relevant information on their own.

Make sure that all the relevant information is in the top half of the web page.

Official Blog:

Your company’s blog is a place for two-way communication with your customers. It is a great platform to engage your customers and reach out to more people. With your real estate blog, you can;

  1. Educate your customers about the industry trends
  2. Get feedback about your services
  3. Share information, testimonials, etc.
  4. Promote new offers, services, new listing, and projects
  5. Work on brand building
  6. Increase your presence on search engines
  7. Create content that is easy to share through social media platforms

Having a blog for a real estate business is no more an optional activity. Your competitors are doing it and its high time you ask your website design firm to create one for you.

Real Estate Agents Dashboard:

People love to learn about real estate agents and professionals that they will be dealing with in near future. So, it makes sense to create dedicated pages to feature your real estate agents, brokers, etc. These pages should have experience and expertise related details. In addition to that, you can also keep a map showing their featured properties, reviews, and ratings. The URL and pages should be SEO friendly so that agents get direct leads & queries.

In case you are planning to launch your real estate agency on web with a new website, make sure your chosen website design agency takes care of above points. If you already have a website and it misses on above points, then, you better consider real estate website redesign.

Just like contacting an agent works in your favor before buying a property, it is best to consult design experts before making a website investment.

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