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Clarity Technologies Group is an Official partner company of KENTIX  and is a manufacturer of professional smart building security products for the physical security of business-critical IT infrastructures.

Clarity frequently uses KENTIX’s integrated security solutions include environmental monitoring, access control, power monitoring and IP video surveillance, completely remote controllable via cloud and all from one source. This saves costs and effort compared to several individual systems. The use of networkable wireless systems and modern IoT technologies also enables cost-effective integration into existing IT networks. We attach great importance to the ease of use of all products, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany to the highest quality standards.

Clarity and KENTIX’s systems offer network-based solutions for every requirement and are suitable for use in all business sectors. With Clarity and KENTIX you can easily increase your IT availability and avoid system failures before they happen.

KENTIX Innovative Security

Nearly every business uses digital technologies. In the age of the internet, LAN, WAN, and all forms of IT systems, almost every company is dependent on a functioning and protected IT system. This spans all areas and industry and is the basis of a functioning society. No supply, no disposal, no production, no business or communication, all these are the consequences of unavailable IT in the age of digitalization.

This makes it all the more important to physically secure the digital infrastructures as well as possible and to recognize threads at an early stage.

We have dedicated ourselves to this topic and have set the goal of creating the best systems for the physical protection of the constantly growing digital infrastructures.

Over 50% of IT failures are caused by physical threads such as defects, fire, weather conditions or human error. Such outages are protracted and very expensive, and the organizations affected by them are highly endangered.

With Clarity’s KENTIX Multi Sensor technology, we have succeeded in developing much more effective products than those available on the market. This has drastically improved and simplified the monitoring of business-critical IT infrastructures. We are relying on new IoT technologies that make our products easy to network and thus provide faster and more secure information.

80% of the world’s IT infrastructures are not adequately protected against physical threats. There is a lot of catching up to do here. Since, security and data protection are required by law. The integrated security solutions from Clarity and KENTIX make this ingeniously simple.

Services Offered

Our system solutions are consistently based on web technologies and IT standards. The range of functions and system scaling is already enormous and sufficient in many projects. Below Are the services areas in which we provide Solutions.

Smart Monitoring:

In contrast to failures caused by software errors, the downtimes caused by physical defects are usually longer and more expensive. The our Multi Sensor technology offers an optimal solution for the physical protection of your IT infrastructure, because with only a few components it detects all essential dangers early on and reports them before expensive failures occur.

Real-time information and redundant message paths such as SMS and PUSH messages are an integral part of our Alarm Manager. This ensures that you always receive reliable alarms, even if the company’s internal network has failed. Our devices are completely IT-based and easy to integrate into distributed IT infrastructures.

The complete software is already included, so there are no additional costs. The configuration and administration of the entire system is done centrally and conveniently via a web interface. Avoid liability risks! Our systems replace several individual solutions such as temperature sensors, burglar alarm systems or fire alarm systems and thus save around two thirds of the usual costs.

Smart API:

KENTIX system solutions are consistently based on web technologies and IT standards. The range of functions and the system scaling is already enormous and sufficient in many projects. With the REST API, however, the possibility of vertical integration is many times greater.

The REST API is a programming interface that is oriented to the paradigms and behavior of the World Wide Web (WWW). The REST API has achieved the status of an industry standard and is used by providers such as AWS, VMware, Azure and many cloud providers.

KENTIX systems thus offer completely new integration possibilities and an enormous extension of the application possibilities in digital business models and cloud solutions. Use of the KENTIX REST API is free of charge, documentation is available online after project registration.

Smart Access:

Who has access when and to which room? With our Door Lock, you have full control, with different variants of locking components and individual time-user profiles, you can set up an access solution exactly according to your needs in no time at all. Thanks to the connection to the Kentix360 Cloud, you always have an overview of all your rooms at any time and even while on the move via app for smartphone or tablet.

And should a problem arise, we will inform you immediately and reliably so that you can act as quickly as possible. What makes our online access system so special is its simple networking and integration into IT networks. Retrofitting is uncomplicated and possible without special tools or additional structural measures. The Door Lock includes both radio-controlled and wired components that can be easily combined to form a centrally managed system.

This means that large and small access systems can be implemented for every requirement with little installation effort. Access control with video recording When booking at the locking component, an IP camera can be controlled simultaneously to record a series of images. This is stored together with the personal data. Unauthorized access attempts are forwarded directly to those responsible via e-mail and video attachment.

KENTIX360 Cloud:

Kentix360 is the cloud-based security center to monitor your IT infrastructure. You will get all the important information about the security state of your IT environment, anytime and anywhere. With this innovative cloud solution, even critical applications in industry, logistics and supply can be monitored effectively. Users will be informed on any device about all states of the IT environment and any resulting risks and can respond as quickly as possible.

The Clarity concept started in 1977 as a physical security company and has evolved over time. Our expertise started maturing with alarm systems, telephone key systems, computers, and associated products. Today we are part of the cutting edge with major US and international clients. We are proud, of our growth and formation into a group of highly focused and specialized ITSP, SIP Provider, IPTV, Network, and Cyber Security specialist’s. Clarity has been providing peace of mind for our clients from the edge to the world and back for many years.


Call Clarity at 800-354-4160 today or email us at [email protected] . We are partnered internationally around the globe and we are open seven days a week 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST/EDT. and .

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