COVID-19 and Remote Working

With the COVID-19 virus forcing people to stay at home, many enterprises suddenly have to support an entirely remote workforce.

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COVID-19 is officially a pandemic. Even if you are not sick from the virus, you are feeling the impact of it. As the coronavirus spreads across the U.S., the CDC has made drastic and wise recommendations to quell the virus’ spread, including limiting the number of people who can gather and telling people to avoid public places. Suddenly, workers across the globe are being asked to “self-quarantine” and use “social distancing.” This means staying at home and working remotely when possible. These mandates have put unique pressure on IT departments and IT decision-makers.

Clarity is ready for COVID-19, the steps small, midsize, and enterprise companies’ can take to support remote workers and ensure their online security.

Organizations not ready for the remote workforce as they think:

Many organizations think they have the tools needed to allow employees to work from home seamlessly. But now that work from home has become a mandate for many, cracks in the foundation are showing. From a lack of collaboration tools to a lack of interpersonal training on how employees should navigate remote work situations, organizations are scrambling to meet the demands of remote workers.

“Too many organizations are concentrating on finding a collaboration tool when the bigger issue is training people how to work with others in remote work situations, It’s as much (or more) about the ‘how-to’ than ‘what tech I have to do it, and many don’t know how.’”

However, there is a silver lining to these troubles. Organizations can now tackle their remote work policy head-on, get the right tools in place, and avoid a similar situation in the future. As Bruce Kreeger, President / CTO at Clarity stated, even if you don’t have everything in place for a fully functioning, work-from-home plan right now, it is a good time to test what you do have and make optimizations.

“Whatever your tech stack, if it’s not ‘in place’ today, it’s likely not of help. Start by testing what you have, updating your user and IT documentation, getting everyone to TRY using the tools from home,” he said.

Don’t panic

A pandemic is serious. Thoughtful and sometimes extreme measures must be taken to keep yourself and your teams safe and healthy. However, taking extreme measures does not mean causing panic. IT decision-makers and key leaders have an obligation to help everyone remain calm in the face of this global crisis.

Clarity is proud to have been providing Remote Worker Services to North America for many years. With the addition of our Dotmantech division and an extensive team of developers, we will continue to surpass expectations.


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