Hosted Telephone System

An unreliable business phone system can be a very costly and expense. Your employees and customers rely on voice calling technology to communicate and collaborate. If your phones go down, it will have an immediate impact on productivity, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation.

Research shows that making the switch to hosted telephony can deliver significant cost savings compared to premises-based PBX phone systems, although at Clarity we do offer both. However, the cost isn’t the only factor to consider when evaluating if cloud Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions are right for your needs.

Understanding the full scope of benefits made possible with a modern phone system can help to future-proof business communications.

Benefits of Hosted Phone system

Budget with Absolute Assurance

Hosted phone service is based on simple, transparent pricing models which are billed on a monthly basis. The initial costs of switching are minimal since the provider owns and maintains the majority of the infrastructure needed to support cloud communications. Your organization’s monthly bill is based on the number of phone lines and enhanced features your company needs.

This flexible, approach to pricing can offer significant benefits for many organizations compared to the methods of traditional phone service providers. With conventional analog phone lines or PRI phone systems, your business may be locked into very long contracts with the phone company or stuck paying for unneeded infrastructure. The model associated with hosted telephony can unlock significant cost efficiencies compared to alternatives.

Simpler Maintenance

Hosted phone service reduces your organization’s reliance on employees or service technicians to perform upgrades and maintenance on the phone system.

Making changes to telephony infrastructure with traditional telecommunications providers often requires costly “truck rolls,” or on-site visits from service techs which may cost hundreds of dollars. There can also be significant delays in service availability with many providers, leading to weeks of delay before you can add a single phone line.

Lower Cost Per Call

Research shows that organizations typically save 50 to 70% by switching to hosted telephony. Organizations who use hosted contact center features or who perform a lot of long distance or international calling are likely to achieve the most significant savings per call. Hosted voice can lower the average cost per call at organizations of all sizes by offering:

  • Transparent, low monthly rates per phone line
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calls
  • Cost-effective international call options
  • The ability to consolidate multiple business sites into a single system
  • Eliminate dedicated circuits for telephony
  • Reduce amount of equipment required to make/receive phone calls


Built-in mobility is among the key advantages of hosted VoIP. Mobile applications are a standard feature of the leading hosted voice solutions including CalrityVoice. Secure mobile apps allow employees to communicate through their business phone number on a smartphone or softphone on a computer with a headset. Employees can set their phone system to automatically transfer calls to mobile or ring at both the desk and mobile device simultaneously.

Mobility features make business communications fully available to employees, regardless of whether they’re working in the office, in a conference room, traveling, or working remotely.

Why you need Hosted Telephony


While hosted telephony is the right choice for most businesses, it’s not the right solution for everyone. To understand how your organization could benefit, evaluate whether you fit some of the most common use cases for switching to cloud PBX. Hosted phones may be right for your business if:

  • You need a solution which is low-cost to implement
  • Your organization wants to use advanced communications features
  • You want to save costs on long distance and international calls
  • You need to add or remove phone lines quickly
  • Your business lacks extensive IT staff to manage a phone system
  • You want to configure and customize your communication tools

Partnering with the right cloud communications vendor is vital to fully unlocking the benefits of hosted telephony. The right provider should be highly responsive, invested in your businesses’ success and, offer the flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

Clarity is proud to have been providing Cloud or Hosted Telephony services to the Americas for many years including clients Worldwide offering our unified communications platform. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations


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