Which Mobile Technology Suits Your Business

The debate that which one is the best mobile application development technology among Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web is now getting exclusive. However, one satisfactory answer is that it depends on the situation that what type of application you want to develop because each technology has its own pros and cons.

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Native Technology

They are the mobile application development projects executed using specific languages like Java for android, iOS for objective-C and so on. These applications have an executable file that is downloaded directly from app stores and is stored locally on device. The major advantage of native apps is that they do not often require the internet to function. Unless there’s a need, these applications work without internet connectivity. Applications based on native technology have access to all hardware functions, are more secure and good in performance too. Native applications can handle heavy graphics and support rich user-interface. The major disadvantage of Native applications is that they run only on a specific device, as they are platform-dependent and thus multiple versions of a single application are required for multiple platforms.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid means a blend. Hybrid mobile application development is combination of both native as well as web technologies. The pros of this type of development are that a hybrid app has qualities of both native and mobile web apps. A hybrid technology-based mobile app is platform-independent and can run on any operating system like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. All they require is a tiny, platform-specific executable app. Developers can easily build multiple versions of the same app and implement stores. When users download this app, it gets connected to the core application that is actually a web application designed for mobile devices. The major advantages of developing an app using the hybrid approach are that they save time and cut the development costs too. The performance of these applications may be slightly slower when compared with the native applications as they can’t handle heavy graphics. They may or may not work without internet connectivity.

Mobile Web Technology

The application developed using mobile web technology is actually a website that is customized for mobile platforms. Mobile websites are faster and cheaper as they use web technologies to function. Creating mobile webs is simple; however, there is a need for great caring and adjusting the resolution of the web page because mobile devices are nowadays coming in various screen sizes. Liquid web design works well. Mobile web apps are fast, easy to maintain and, and give the developers great flexibility to do any changes later.

A single website can work on many platforms. The major advantage of using this approach is that they almost function the same when compared with PC based websites. But mobile web application or website cannot work without internet connectivity. All mobile-based websites and web applications do not work when internet connectivity is not available.

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