Your Startup Company vs Social Media

Understanding Social Media Influence is essential for entrepreneurs when shaping their social media strategy for companies in the early stages. Startup owners, senior management, advisors, and investors are all part of the voice of the startup, and even more so in the early stages of the new company. Amplifying this voice and making it loud and clear can provide a huge boost to the startup company’s marketing efforts, while supporting its growth and leveraging its communications efforts.

Entrepreneurs who adopt a social media strategy that empowers social media influence provide a significant benefit to their startup in several ways, such as helping the startup company in setting the tone in its niche, exposing the products and services to large audiences, and providing added value by amplifying positive coverage.

In order to implement a social media strategy that boosts social media influence, startup companies and entrepreneurs will do well to recruit individuals who are already social media influencers. Welcoming individuals who engage online regularly with prominent individuals in their industry helps the startup to communicate with its ecosystem in a manner that provides more visibility and encourages engagement.

Why Do We Need to Consider Social Media Influence?

Influential individuals, as part of the leading team of a startup company, provide the new venture with many benefits that can support its operations, marketing efforts, customer service process and communications with the financial markets. Although in many cases social media management can be outsourced to third parties to maximize results, startups need the voice of their management team to be heard in a genuine and clear way:

Influential people tend to understand the importance of social media: Recruiting influential social media individuals will ensure that the startup management will be more familiar with online platforms, and more used for engagement with the startup ecosystem. As such, it is always a good idea to ensure that the management understands the importance of social media in communicating their business’s core competencies to the outside world.

Influential senior managers provide additional encouragement to the digital marketing team: When the company is in need of producing and communicating a clear and concise message to its potential customers, investors and vendors, messages from the core team tend to be better accepted.

Messages directly from management are perceived as more credible: High visibility in social media venues provide a significant increase in the ability to distribute and spread the desired message on the internet rapidly. The messages communicated by co-founders and senior management are also representing the company’s views, not just individual comments.

Vertical Online Influence vs. General Online Influence

When checking the online influence parameters of an individual, the sphere of influence should also be tested. It will probably be safe to assume that most of the influential individuals or corporations online are influential on topics other than your startup. Therefore, introducing high rankings suggests a high general online influence level.

For the communications and engagements to become effective, you want your team to become influential on topics that are as closely related as possible with the startup company’s areas of expertise.


Entrepreneurs that adopt a social media strategy that empowers social media influence, and recruit influencers, benefit their startup in many ways, such as helping the startup company to set the tone in its industry or niche, exposing its products and services to large audiences, and providing added value by amplifying positive coverage.


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