Is your WordPress Site Secured? 


What happens if your WordPress is injected will a malicious malware? The most probable outcome is losing traffic and spending a lot of time and resources in securing the website. This downtime will mean losing customers and incurring losses since it will not be possible to make money with a malfunctioned website. 


While considering ways to keep your WordPress secure, it’s imperative to remember that hacking isn’t confined to countable numbers since the reasons may also be many or unknown. In some instances, it can be difficult to find what is effective in enhancing the security of your site. You may even be thinking that WordPress itself is not secure, but that is not correct! WordPress Codex offers a myriad of effective pointers on how to ensure how to make your WordPress website rock-solid in terms of security. 


Plus, there are many steps you could also take to ensure your WordPress security. This simply implies the more measures you take towards enhancing your website’s security, the stronger your WordPress defense will be against any form of attack. You can also hire the services of a reputable website design agency to help create a bulletproof site just like Clarity Technologies Group. 


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Here are some steps you need to follow to ensure your WordPress website is more secure. 

Hosting Company 


When it comes to ensuring your WordPress security is robust, you need more than just a secure password. According to WordPress White Security, 8% of WordPress websites are hacked as a result of a weak password or login information. So, what ways do attackers access the remaining 92%? 


As it appears, forty-one percent of attacks on WordPress websites occur as a result of inadequate security on the side of the server. For that reason, it shouldn’t surprise you that the first and foremost step to keeping your WordPress secure is choosing a reliable hosting company that updates its infrastructure regularly. 


Login Information 


As only eight percent of website hacks occur through weak usernames and passwords, it is not an excuse to ignore this aspect. Overlooking this information is a direct invitation to brute force attacks. You can secure your login information in the following ways: 


  • Avoid Using “Admin” as Username 
  • Use a Secure Password 
  • Limit the Login Attempts 

Malware Scanning 


Malicious software or malware is something that is not foreign to WordPress, but its effects are evident on user sites each day. Malicious software is designed to enter your website and gain access to unauthorized content. In most cases, malware is accidentally installed through a corrupted file, although some ads may also contain malicious software. Malware can steal personal information, compromise your login details, hijack your PC, or even create spam. Some hackers even utilize malicious software to launch DDoS attacks, so you should prioritize on ensuring your site is clean. 


The first thing to do is to scan your website for any malware. While there are plugins that include malware scanner such as the WordFence Security, you can also turn to dedicated services like GoDaddy’s Website Security for assistance. Once you are done with scanning, you’ll want to eliminate the malware. Fortunately, there is a myriad of options that can do just that for you. After successfully eliminating the malicious software, you should now change your passwords to avoid being compromised again. 


Tracking Dashboard Activities 


Tracking your dashboard activity is also crucial for security since it makes it possible for you to connect dots between certain actions and reactions. Therefore, if your website broke due to an uploaded file, you can trace it further to establish if such a file contained malware. Yes, this information is automatically logged by WordPress but it is not simple to use. It’s recommended to make use of a plugin to organize all this data. That way, you can determine whether uploading a file or changing a specific code caused the problem you are dealing with. Even when you aren’t experiencing any problems, tracking what activities are taking place on your dashboard can provide some peace of mind. 


Themes/Plugins from Trusted Sources 


So, how then do you choose secure themes for your site? The only way to ensure you pick a theme that is secure for use is to find a reliable provider who is widely appreciated by clients such as Themeforest. This provider offers quality premium themes that are appreciated by millions of users worldwide. However, if you are on a low budget, you can use the WP themes and Plugin directory to find free themes and plugins. 


Final Thoughts 


So, was this guide helpful to you? Do you want to make an appealing and secure business website? If that is the case, why not give Clarity Technologies Group and Dotmantech a try. 



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