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Significance of 3CX Hosted PBX over other PBXs


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Before getting into 3CX Hosted PBX lets discuss some facts about PBX and how it works in daily routine.

A PBX stands for (private branch exchange) is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise employees/users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. The main purpose of a PBX is to save the cost of requiring a line for each user to the telephone company’s central office.


How does PBX works?


Todays PBX uses digital technology (digital signals are converted to analog for outside calls on the local loop using plain old telephone service (POTS ). Nonetheless, PBXs can include network switches that accommodate analog phones into the enterprise’s digital PBX system.

The equipment used in a PBX varies depending on the complexity of the system, for example, whether it is a traditional PBX to which copper telephone landlines are attached, whether the PBX accommodates a mix of analog and digital lines, whether it uses voice-over-IP (VoIP) hosted at the enterprise, or whether it’s a cloud-based PBX system(same as 3CX Hosted PBX). You will get
little information about each below.


Traditional PBX phone systems

Traditional PBX phone systems use landline copper-based telephone lines that enter a business’s premises where they are connected to a PBX box. That box contains telephonic switches that allow calls to be distributed to different phones in an office/within the building and to allow those phones to access a limited number of outside lines.


An IP PBX uses digital phone signals, rather than analog landlines, to send calls. Because you can use Ethernet cables to connect your phones instead of traditional phones, no rewiring is needed. IP PBX systems can also be hosted by management service providers. While hosted systems require monthly fees, there are fewer end-user hardware costs associated with its use. Smaller PBX systems, often referred to as virtual PBXs, offer hosted service but with fewer features. They are more appropriate for very small businesses. Hosted PBX service is sold by numerous providers, including Nextiva, Vonage and Ring Central.


How Does a Hosted PBX Work?

A hosted PBX shifts your phone and communications infrastructure over to a trusted VoIP provider. Instead of individual phone extensions, each phone is replaced with a VoIP desk phone.


The diagram illustrates how a hosted PBX system works:


Hosted PBX Platforms

There are two types of hosted PBX platforms to consider for your cloud phone system.

Cloud PBX: The more common phone system is a cloud PBX where all phones connect to an outside VoIP data center. The phones are configured with an individual login and are programmed beforehand to register with a SIP server.

PBX SIP Trunking: If you have an IP PBX and you can benefit from SIP trunking because of its lower costs and rapid scalability. You’ll keep your existing PBX, but the back-haul is completed through a VoIP-based trunk for all the outside lines you need. In the event of a PBX issue, you can route calls to any brick-and-mortar or virtual office.

Both hosted PBX systems offer enhanced flexibility and the control you need to manage costs and beef up your calling capabilities. The advantage with the cloud-based PBX is that you can adjust every VoIP feature and call flow the way that you need, such as phone numbers, hunt groups, and automatic call recording.

3CX Hosted PBX


A hosted PBX is a complete, enterprise-level business phone system that can provide outbound calls in addition to inbound routing. These systems are ideal for companies with offices in various locations geographically. A hosted PBX provides a complete solution that mimics a physical PBX but at a far lower cost. Companies can take advantage of SIP trunking and calling that is cheaper than what they would pay with a traditional phone company.

Why 3CX PBX?

  • Mobility
  • Unified Messaging
  • Web-based Video-conferencing
  • Easy Installation and Management
  • Initial and Ongoing cost savings
  • Eliminate office boundaries
  • Boost of corporate image
  • scalability
  • Easy to use



Clarity is proud to have been providing 3CX Telephone System to North America since 2006. As one of the oldest 3CX Partners in North America with clients worldwide offering this unified communications platform and ultimately earning the level of Titanium Partner Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations.


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