More Reason To Be Jolly! Version 16, Update 4 Final Is Out With New Audio Options And The New Chrome Extension

Arriving just in time for the festive season, V16 Update 4 brings you personalized audio options, the release of the 3CX Chrome Extension and expanded backup targets. And that’s not all. Update 4 bundles the latest in stability and security fixes, making your PBX even more robust. Get it now and take advantage of the quieter business period to upgrade your phone system for the new year!

Chrome Extension Simplifies Call Handling

The Chrome Extension introduced with Update 4 Beta is now released on the Chrome Web Store, enabling you to:

  • Get alerts for calls via pop-ups even if the browser window is minimized or closed.
  • Click to directly call numbers you find while browsing pages.

Just open the Chrome Web Store, search for “3CX” and open to add to your Chrome browser. Once installed, return to the Web Client and click on “Activate your 3CX Extension for Chrome” to complete the installation.

Bells-a-Ringing! Personalize Your Audio Experience

With the new audio options in Update 4, you can personalize your Web Client and Chrome Extension call experience. Set different devices to the “Speaker” and “Ringer” options, allowing you to hear incoming calls and listen to call audio on separate speakers or headsets. Just go to “Settings” > “Personalize” > “Audio/Video” to configure your preference.

Requirements & Known Issues

The 3CX Chrome Extension requires:

  • 3CX V16, Update 4.
  • Google Chrome Version 78 or later
  • Users of the 3CX Click to Call extension should uninstall it before installing the 3CX Google Chrome Extension.
  • Users on V16 Update 3 or prior, need to upgrade to Update 4 and reload their browser with the Web Client active to be able to see the option to activate the extension.

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