Talk to the Face! 3CX Android App Adds Video Calls

The final release of the 3CX Android App with integrated video calling functionality is here. Speak, chat and hold video calls with your contacts for a complete communication experience. With added support for more smartphones, we are ensuring nobody misses out on the 3CX Android App experience.

Hear, Speak, SEE

With the new Android app, you can now call any one of your colleagues and tap on the video icon to switch to a video call for a face-to-face conversation! The video capability is available for calls between the new app, the Web Client and video phones that are configured with the VP8 & VP9 codecs.

An Audible Difference

The added support for Google’s AAudio API, designed for high-performance audio and low latency, provides a more modern alternative to the commonly used OpenSL (Open Sound Library). This is automatically enabled for the latest models that support this API, for great audio during calls. Read this and check compatibility for your device. Also, the latest app knows more about supported devices, disabling the Telecom API for specific models to avoid call echo issues.

Runs on the Latest & Greatest Android Phones

Supporting the Android device ecosystem is no mean feat! After rigorous tests and optimizations, the latest 3CX Android app can now support even more Android smartphones. The latest models like Pixel 4, Galaxy Note 10, S10+ and Xiaomi Mi9 are now catered for, with more models to be added in the near future. For a complete list of all models tested, click here.

Other Features & Improvements

  • Fixed request failed error during a call when switching from IP address to FQDN.
  • Add frequently contacted colleagues to “Favorites” to keep within easy reach.
  • Added a useful dropdown filter in “Status” to display all groups (PBX and local) and their members.
  • Added a discreet beep for incoming GSM calls while on a SIP call. Answering the GSM call, places the SIP call on hold.
  • While on a GSM call, incoming 3CX SIP calls are treated as busy and sent to your pre-set forwarding rules.
  • You can now tap on a voicemail to automatically download and play it via the built-in Google Play Music player.
  • Added a “Do not ask again” option when denying contact permissions to stop further requests.
  • Local downloads are now stored in a special folder as per Android 10 recommendation standards.
  • Added Contact dropdown filter so that you can select to display all contacts, 3CX-only contacts or Android device contacts.
  • Set maximum ad-hoc conference participants to 3. For large conferences, use the scheduled conference feature from the burger menu.
  • Tap the “Turn Off Battery Usage Optimization” option to go directly to the app’s battery section in Android settings.
    Downloading 3CX Android App

Download the new 3CX Android app through the Google Play store. Read our comprehensive Android app user guide for more info on its features and functionality. You can view the change log here. Thank you to all the beta testers whose valuable feedback made this release possible.

We are proud to have been providing 3CX Telephone System to North America since 2006. As one of the oldest 3CX Partners in North America with clients worldwide offering this unified communications platform and ultimately earning the level of Titanium Partner Clarity Technologies Group, LLC surpasses expectations.

Call Clarity at 800-354-4160 today. We are partnered internationally around the globe and we are open seven days a week 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST/EDT.

You can use your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera Browser with a microphone and speakers to call us too, please go to: https://pbx.clarityscg.net/webrtc/779406 to call Clarity Technologies Group, LLC via WebRTC today!

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