MOBOTIX’s New M73 Wins 2019 IoT Integration Award for Video Surveillance Innovations


MOBOTIX, the leading manufacturer of secure, premium-quality IP video systems, has announced its newest product: the M73 intelligent camera. The MOBOTIX M73 has won a 2019 IoT Integration Award for its innovations in commercial video surveillance. Hosted by Security Sales & Integration, CE Pro, and Commercial Integrator, the IoT integration awards highlight the products that make lives better and jobs easier. These solutions are taking the convergence of connected physical and logical security to the next level.

The MOBOTIX M73 is an entire video surveillance solution, housed within a single decentralized IoT device. Featuring three separate environmental sensors, the M73 can be fully customized to any applications’ needs with the ability to utilize optical, thermal, infrared, day/night, or audio functionalities simultaneously. Equipped with the new MOBOTIX 7 Universal Plug-In platform, the M73 benefits from a variety of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based apps, which can be applied to the device to meet any and every deployment need. Built for maximum robustness, physically and digitally, the M73 features a weatherproof form factor and comes armed with MOBOTIX cybersecurity defenses.

“Having the M73 win the 2019 IoT Integration award for commercial video surveillance weeks after its release is exciting for us,” said MOBOTIX Vice President of Sales for the Americas, Joe Byron. “It’s a truly innovative product and this award helps prove that the market already recognizes that. Thanks to its combination of sensors and the new MOBOTIX 7 platform, the M73 is virtually limitless in terms of deployment applications.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become more pervasive in commercial and residential technology than ever before, indicating that the market for IoT devices has similarly grown. A network of devices embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity—IoT creates opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world and computer-based systems, resulting in efficiency improvements, economic benefits, and reduced human intervention. The IoT Integration Awards recognize devices that can help integrators elevate their offerings and create more intelligent systems.
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MOBOTIX is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality, intelligent IP video systems and sets standards for innovative camera technologies and decentralized security solutions with the highest level of cybersecurity. MOBOTIX was founded in 1999 and is based in Langmeil, Germany. MOBOTIX has an in-house research and development department, an in-house production facility in Germany, and operates distribution companies in New York, Dubai, Sydney, Paris, and Madrid. Customers worldwide trust the durability and reliability of MOBOTIX hardware and software. The flexibility, built-in intelligence, and unparalleled data security of the company’s solutions are appreciated in many industries. MOBOTIX products and solutions help customers in industries such as industrial manufacturing, retail, logistics, and healthcare. With strong, international technology partnerships, the company will continue to expand its universal platform and develop new applications in the future.

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