Clarity Technologies Group Commences Work at Teterboro Airport


Clarity Technologies Group, LLC has commenced a security overhaul for a private aircraft terminal at Teterboro Airport. Landmark Aviation is a private airline that champions a commitment “to exceeding the standards in business aviation services”, and has hired Clarity for its consulting and services. With this foundational mission in mind, the private airline commissioned Clarity to first perform an analysis of their Teterboro terminal’s network and security infrastructure.

​Upon completion of the consultation, Clarity recommended and has since begun implementing a strategic plan to utilize much of Landmark’s existing infrastructure and security hardware while aggregating for expansion in the future.


Since its inception in 2005 by Telecommunications and Security Specialist Bruce G. Kreeger, Clarity Technologies Group, LLC has gained the attention of the technology community nationwide. Due to a unique service model, Clarity provides solutions for businesses of varying sizes and industries offering customized solutions that go directly to the heart of our customers’ individual operations and business models. Such an approach has allowed Clarity to cater to businesses of varying industries and provide them with personal, synergized solutions in the areas of network infrastructure, telecommunications, VoIP, 3CX PBX, network security & surveillance, radio frequency identification, standby generator systems, among many others.

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