Version 15 RC2 Released
Version 15 RC2 Released





3CX Ver. 15 RC2 Released and In Use


We never do this but … 3CX Version 15 RC2

At Clarity Technologies Group, LLC we are not known for being the “early adopter.” We test, re-test, and then test again before deploying anything “new” for our customers or ourselves. There are the occasional exceptions however.

3CX Ver. 15 is being fast tracked by 3CX. We installed the Alpha, then the Beta, RC and RC 2 on our lab machine. We found some things we did not like and some things we will need to get accustomed to. We love the new 3CX Phone and we were using it on Ver. 14 as soon as it came out. For example, you can load a custom logo. Very nice…you can see a very simple presence screen, also very nice…

It was suggested that we load the RC2 on our production PBX and candidly, I was not keen about that but decided to break the rules and go for it.

We are now running on Ver. 15 RC2. We performed a backup from Ver. 14, verified our password for our existing SSL Certificate, uninstalled Ver. 14 and installed Ver. 15 RC2.

We have 30 VoIP (SIP) trunks, a host of DID’s, and 9 bridges, 40 to 90 local and remote users on Yealink, Fanvil, Grandstream, Cisco, Linksys, Polycom, and Snom phones. We have SIP door phones and or other devices by Algo, Mobotix, Robin, Snom, and Cyberdata. Our staff not only recommends 3CX Phone to our clients, we utilize it in house, on iPhone, Android, and Sonim Smart Phones on Wi-Fi and on 3G / 4G / LTE.

We have been live, in production use, now for seventy two (72) hours and here is what we have found so far:

  1. Version 15 RC2 works well…
  2. 3CX has lightened the load on the PBX server.
  3. 3CX Phone – We found no problems and like it.
  4. We do need the ability to “monitor” active call flow on the PBX (e.g. – trunks, ports, extensions, etc.) We are advised that this will be in Ver. 15 SP1
  5. DST Needs to be added so we can set and change it. I could not locate where to do this if it is already incorporated.
  6. The addition of partial holidays is fantastic.
  7. Our nine (9) bridges came up without an issue.
  8. The quick meeting feature works well and we tested from laptop to laptop and laptop to Android device.


Nicky Borg and the development team at 3CX have vastly improved the user interface of 3CX PBX with some of the following from the 3CX change Log:


  1. New NGINX as web server – a very significant change.
  2. SSL Certificates out of the box with “Let’s Encrypt”
  3. IVR, Parking and Call Conference services are included in 1 service
  4. 3CX hosted FQDN – Note: Make sure when migrating if you are keeping your FQDN from previous versions that you have you SSL Certificate password.
  5. FQDN, SMTP Server settings are now stored in the backup
  6. Improved Restore functionality
  7. RPS Provisioning Server for remote phones
  8. Five (5) backup outbound rules in outbound rules – This works very well.
  9. 3CX client can be provisioned
  10. Web username and password for phones are now provisioned
  11. Automatically update public IP when it changes – This is great if you don’t have Static IP’s!
  12. Automatically Clear “Event Logs”
  13. Maintenance buttons to clear chats, and call logs
  14. Webmeeting is integrated and part of 3CX. Webmeeting URL will be hosted by 3CX.
  15. Logo for the web meeting client can be uploaded via the 3CX Management Console – We already did this, very simple.
  16. Automatically enable the option to log out of queues when Away or DND
  17. Accept calls from ring groups
  18. Office hours and holidays and break times – Partial holidays (Awesome)
  19. Help URL for phones
  20. Provisioning URL displayed in phone provisioning page
  21. Export Chats
  22. Ability to update clients, firmware(s) from the updates section
  23. Friendly web conferencing meeting rooms
  24. When a phone is running an unsupported firmware a warning will be displayed in the phones page – we found this already and updated many phone firmware!
  25. Button to export all Call History – tried this too, works very well.
  26. HTTPS will be used for remote provisioning – Excellent, adds additional security!
  27. Edit and copy of IP Phone templates
  28. Ability to download and provision integration CRM Plugins
  29. 3CX Tunnel more secure and numerous fixes for socket control and better audio delivery
  30. Added SBC Encryption
  31. Fixed nested IVR’s configured with different languages
  32. Fixed deadlock inside the 3CX client presence server
  33. Added call history converter to convert call logs from version 12.5 to 15
  34. Fixed call reports not calculating costs correctly
  35. Reports can be scheduled at a specific time
  36. Country and Time Zone Australia (+61) was not being saved
  37. Added Search in Event Log
  38. Improvements in Recordings Management Page
  39. Recordings can be downloaded on MAC
  40. Fixed Custom Speed Dial which caused the phone not to provision
  41. Download updates using HTTPS
  42. Fixed 404 not found when launching wizard
  43. Fixed error when importing certificate, FQDN is in use
  44. Fixed Prioritization (move up/down) in Queues Page
  45. Added Button “Refresh Registration” in Bridges Page
  46. Fixed Memory Leaks in Web Management Console
  47. Added URL Sensitization in Management Console
  48. Fixed Firewall Checker Results
  49. Sanitized Management Console URLs
  50. Added PROVISIONING LINK for all IP Phone Models
  51. Added text in the login screen for supported browsers
  52. Added tool tip when a feature is not available because of licensing restrictions
  53. Fixed Conference Email Template
  54. Calls in activity log are sorted
  55. New updates are counted in the updates page
  56. Added Fanvil X5 Language Provisioning
  57. Added support for new Fanvil phones
  58. Added support for new HTek phones
  59. Added New SIP Trunk from France “IP DIRECTIONS”
  60. Updated Patton FXO & ISDN Template
  61. New Fanvil firmware with RPS, Let’s Encrypt, New DND functionality & Auto Login
  62. New Polycom VVX phones supported as legacy phones

This new 3CX Version (Ver.15) has relatively modest hardware requirements. In some cases it can run on anything from a system with an Intel Core i3 processor, 2GB of memory and a 30GB solid state drive. Exact requirements will depend on the number of simultaneous calls a customer expects to support.

Call Clarity Technologies Group, LLC at 800-354-4160 today for more information. We are partnered internationally around the globe and we are open seven days a week 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST/EDT.

You can use your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera Browser with a microphone and speakers to call us too, please go to: https://pbx.clarityscg.net/webrtc/779406 to call Clarity Technologies Group, LLC via WebRTC today!
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