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Video Conferencing for the Mainstream

When it comes to video conferencing, companies large and small, have spent tens of thousands of dollars for robust solutions. Grandstream Networks has introduced the GVC3200 which has proven to many of our customers that more often than not more money does not necessarily correlate to better quality or features. The GVC3200 comes in at under $ 4000 and all you have to add is an HDMI capable TV the size of the TV, style, manufacturer, etc. is up to you. Clarity Technologies Group, LLC is pleased to offer this outstanding video conferencing solution.

The GVC3200 is a ground-breaking solution that offers businesses a revolutionary video conferencing system with unprecedented flexibility and the power of support for multiple popular video conferencing protocols and platforms right out of the box. The SIP-based GVC3200 supports Grandstream’s robust IPVideoTalk cloud platform for plug and play video conferencing while also being interoperable with any 3rd party SIP video conferencing platform – thus offering a great option to expand or implement a 3rd party platform. Additionally, since it is based on Android 4.4, the GVC3200 offers full access to all video conferencing apps in the Google Play Store — such as Skype®, Skype for Business®, Google Hangouts™ and more. The GVC3200 sports an innovative, patent-pending embedded MCU that supports up to 9-way conferencing with local mixing between SIP and other protocols. The GVC3200 eliminates the traditional barriers to video conferencing and sets a new bar for business-class video conferencing solutions by offering industry-leading flexibility, interoperability, system compatibility, application richness and ease of use.

The GVC series supports Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk Video ad Web Conferencing. This paid-subscription based service allows users to turn any meeting hosted on any Grandstream GVC series device into an online meeting that can be joined seamlessly from any other GVC and web users from anywhere in the world. Turn any physical room into a virtual, online meeting place to offer your customers the tools they need to be successful, no matter where they are.

1080p Full-HD video, up to 9-way video conferences, support for three (3) monitor outputs through three (3) HDMI outputs

Nine (9)-way hybrid-protocol conferencing with no external MCUs/servers or extra software licenses

PTZ camera with 12x zoom

Plug and Play connection to Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk video conferencing service

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