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Why Are You Still Wasting Time With A Complex Phone System?


You’re at the airport and you receive an urgent phone call from a client—on your laptop. While out to lunch you get a voicemail informing you that your afternoon meeting has been cancelled –in your email inbox. Welcome to today’s virtual office.

In an age where communication takes place through your phone, email, texting, video conferencing; it’s hard to understand why some businesses are still wasting time with a complex and limited phone system. Replacing your outdated legacy phone system with an IP-enabled phone system not only dramatically lowers your telecommunications’ costs, but increases your company’s productivity as well.

Here are three reasons why your business should upgrade to a software-based phone system:

A software based PBX is easier and more affordable to maintain

A legacy phone system consists of outdated technology that can be expensive to repair. These systems use traditional phone lines that must be maintained by a phone carrier. This can prove costly and inconvenient when in need of maintenance or repair, since it might take days before service is restored by the phone company. With a Web-based management console, you can easily deploy new firmware to your phones with a few mouse clicks. The guaranteed interop with supported IP phones and automatic software updates enable your IT staff to effortlessly manage your system without any outside help.

IP-enabled systems allow companies to adapt and grow

Traditional legacy systems require complicated hard wiring for each of the phones in your office, so if you want to add to your workforce, you’ll need to hire an outside vendor to set up each new employee’s phone. That’s both an expensive and time-consuming process. Alternatively, an IP-enabled phone system has an inbuilt template for easy configuration of VoIP providers, so there’s no need to waste time figuring out any complex settings. All you need to do is plug-in an IP phone or gateway to your network, and you’re connected; enabling your phone system to easily grow as your business expands.

A Web-based phone system gives your company more flexibility

A legacy phone offers only voice capabilities, while an IP phone system, with its enhanced collaboration tools, will allow your business to accomplish tasks a traditional phone couldn’t allow. The power lies in the fact that it’s entirely software-based, so if you or any of your employees need to work remotely, you can easily leverage your existing servers without the expense or inconvenience of adding new hardware. It’s quick to install and gets easy backup and redundancy to boot with Hyper V or VmWare. With just a click of the mouse, you can also add a variety of features; including presence, web conferencing and softphone, which enables you to access your office extension from the convenience of your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Whether you’re a small business looking to expand or a larger, more established company, what every business has in common is the desire to be more cost-effective and productive. Upgrading to a software-based phone system will help your company achieve this.

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