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PB Thief on rt 46 (4)

On the morning of October 17, 2014 at 08:39:00 a customer parked their car in front of the Clarity Technologies Group’s offices at One Corporate Way, US Highway 46, Mine Hill, NJ.




The car was driven by a man who is the husband of the passenger. His wife left her handbag on the passenger seat and together they entered the building.

At 08:40:01 a 16 year old Hispanic male approached the font of the building and looked into the front glass door and confirmed that the couple was far enough away for him to steal her purse. PB Thief on rt 46 (3)








By 08:40:06 he had opened the unlocked door of the family SUV and started to run westbound on the sidewalk on Rt. 46.

PB Thief on rt 46 (7) PB Thief on rt 46 (5)

A passing Wharton Police Department police car saw this young man running westbound carrying a purse and stopped him.


Of course, we have all of this on video.

PB Thief on rt 46 PB Thief on rt 46 (2)

After denying that he had stolen the handbag and alleging that he found it on the sidewalk, he was confronted with the fact that we had it all on video. The 16 year old criminal confessed in front of his father who had been called to police headquarters.

The Morris County Sheriff’s Department and Wharton Police have processed the car for fingerprints and we have turned over the video. The 16 year old is being charged with a high misdemeanor because this is his 4th time and the woman had over $800 cash in her pocketbook.

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PB Thief on rt 46 (6)

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