Is Your Complex Phone System Getting the Best of You?


The legacy phone system has long been the means of communication for many companies. It’s been around for years so it’s become your “tried and true” phone system, only now you’re thinking it could be costing you time and money, and you’re right. A better alternative is a software-based phone system, it offers advanced features that could save you money and help streamline your business to run more effectively.

Here are four reasons why a software-based phone system is the smart choice for any growing business:

  1. Traditional legacy systems require complicated hard wiring for each of the phones in your office, so if you’re looking to expand your workforce, an outside vendor will have to be brought in to set up each new employee’s phone. That’s both an expensive and time-consuming process. A software-based phone system like the 3CX IP PBX is able to connect to the traditional PSTN via an optional gateway, so you can easily install new phone lines or relocate existing ones without extensive telecom knowledge or training.
  1. Technology is continuously being advanced to meet market demand, and your company needs to keep up if you don’t want the competition to get the best of you. With your dated analog phone system, you’ll need to replace the entire server if you want to add new features. On the flip side, with an IP phone system, you can easily update your day-to-day communications from your computer. For instance, with just one click of the mouse, you can instantly add features like Web conferencing, presence and fax to email.
  1. Maintaining and servicing your legacy system’s hardware can prove costly and inconvenient since it usually requires an outside vendor. With a Web-based management console, your IT staff can effortlessly manage your system without any outside help. Also, with 3CX Phone System, you can easily install service pack updates and edit phone provisioning templates from within the Web management console. This is especially convenient since your administrators will no longer need to have remote or physical access to the server to manage the phone system.
  1. The 3CX Management Console also has a new top menu bar, enabling you to instantly find and access all of the convenient features the 3CX Phone System has to offer. The menu bar also includes frequently employed actions, so it helps you to easily manage your 3CX Phone System more quickly and efficiently. For example, if you were conducting a web conference, just click on the “settings” tab and drop down to “WebMeeting,” and you’re ready to go.

If you want a system that grows and evolves with your business, then it’s obvious why a software-based IP PBX is your best choice. It’s easy to install and maintain, more proficient and will give your company the flexibility and edge it needs to succeed in today’s constantly changing telecommunications industry.

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