Is Your Phone System Stunting Your Growth?


Whether your business is just getting its bearings or it’s been around for some time and finally hitting its stride, you are always working towards growing, improving and outpacing your competitors. To do so effectively you must craft an air tight business plan, one that covers all of the bases and leaves nothing out of the equation.

To that end, understanding the best way to maximize your business communications is a vital element in creating a sound business plan. Because, believe it or not, your analog phone system could be diminishing your company’s potential for growth due to exorbitant telecom fees and limited opportunity for scale.

So when you draft your updated business plan for 2016, thoroughly reflect on how successful your communications have been so far in 2015. For instance, do your employees have trouble collaborating with each other when they are working remotely? Or perhaps you’re ready to take on some new strategic staff members, but adding more phone lines to your legacy PBX is proving to be quite the headache due to disrupted business continuity incurred by on-site installation requirements.

The fact of the matter is, when your business is ready to expand your phone system should be least of your worries. What’s more, your phone system should help you streamline the growth process by enabling you to communicate seamlessly with key stakeholders, new partners and geographically disparate staff members.

It’s also important to take into consideration the possibility of adding new office locations in different areas of the country or perhaps even internationally. Without an IP-based phone system it will be difficult to connect all of your company’s branches without experiencing issues such as business continuity hiccups and expensive long distance calling fees.

Additionally, ensuring you are making the most of your IT team’s talents and expertise is crucial to strengthening your business plan. As such, implementing a hosted PBX could be a key driver in maximizing your IT team’s time. For example, a hosted phone system doesn’t require the same heavy duty maintenance or management as a traditional on-premises system. Instead, your entire phone system can be managed, updated and maintained by a third party telecom provider, enabling your IT staff to focus on more pertinent matters.

Furthermore, a hosted PBX solution enables businesses to scale their phone systems in near real-time. So whenever you need more phone lines to accommodate more employees or more interoffice bridges to connect with remote branches, you can simply contact your hosted PBX provider and make the request. And due to the ease-of-use afforded by IP-based telephony, fulfilling this request is as simple as choosing to add a line from a drop-down menu on a computer-based interface.

Make sure your new business strategy will prove to be more prosperous than the last. One surefire way to do so is by evaluating the advancements that must take place to better your business communications. Learn more about the capabilities and advantages of a hosted PBX solution, here!

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