Telecommunications Stragglers—it’s Time to Get Comfortable with WebRTC

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According to the Disruptive Analysis report “WebRTC Industry Status and Forecasts Report, 2014 Edition,” WebRTC has officially graduated past the “up and coming” or “emerging” stage to become an indispensable communications tool that fits the fast-paced, mobile nature of today’s business environment. If you’re still not leveraging WebRTC, the time to lose that reluctance is now, so you don’t miss out on all of the advantages this communications tool is offering its current users, much like your competitors.

Once considered new and disruptive, WebRTC is now recognized as providing robust benefits that all businesses can use to benefit their workforce such heightened quality and speed of Web conferencing.

WebRTC requires only an Internet browser that supports the technology and an Internet connection to bring remote parties together for a Web conferencing session, live customer service chat and support, and superb image and audio quality that enhances collaboration and communication for any business. This ease of use and functionality has turned it into a technology that many businesses cannot live without.

Furthermore, the Disruptive Analysis report revealed that the majority of enterprises and individual users will incorporate WebRTC into their communication activities in the near future, if they aren’t already. Right now, WebRTC is growing in use, particularly as mobile devices increase in number and prevalence among workers. By the end of this year, there will be more mobile devices supporting WebRTC than PCs.

WebRTC is expected to continue growing over the coming years because businesses and users are recognizing that this technology affords simpler, faster and more user-friendly experiences, especially in that of Web conferencing in the office, remotely or from a mobile device. This is evidenced by the projection that by 2019, there will be more than 6 billion WebRTC-supporting devices.

It’s important for businesses and decision-makers to get familiar with WebRTC and all it has to offer, in order to keep up with a rapid-paced communications environment, an increasingly mobile workforce, and user demand. Two billion-plus individual users will use WebRTC within the next four years—about 60 percent of the Internet population. WebRTC is becoming a necessity for interacting successfully with customers and colleagues. For example, WebRTC enables businesses to connect with their consumers by implementing a “click-to-call” feature on their websites. This feature allows users to simply click a button and become connected with a customer service associate via a browser-to-browser interaction almost instantly.

WebRTC is no longer “emerging” or “upcoming.” It has fully arrived, and is poised to grow further and integrate with nearly every device users engage with, including your colleagues’ Smartphones and tablets. Leverage WebRTC for Web conferencing and customer support and, in doing so, enhance the real-time communications your employees and customers expect and deserve. Learn more about the benefits of WebRTC here.

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