Study Reveals SMBs Want More From Web Conferencing


Small businesses are clamoring for greater Web conferencing capabilities, and it’s no wonder, as WebRTC integration is rapidly gaining popularity. A recent study conducted by Software Advice surveyed a sample of small business employees and discovered that over half of small business employees found that Web conferencing was more efficient than phone and app-based conferences. But the benefits of Web conferencing don’t end there – according to the study, Web conferencing not only enhances the speed and quality of online meetings, it also affords a plethora of collaboration solutions as well as lowering travel costs.

Gain Speed and Quality

Small business employees seem to be shifting away from hardware use and are now more reliant on desktops and mobile apps. And while audio conferencing and video conferencing are still quite popular –with 45 and 50 percent of users, respectively –Web conferencing is rapidly catching up at an adoption rate of approximately 34 percent.

Part of this growing trend can be attributed to the speed and high quality experience Web conferencing affords its users. According to the respondents polled in the aforementioned study, the greatest benefit of Web conferencing is its ability to start meetings quicker.

Without the need to download and install software, Web conferencing becomes more efficient than an app-based conferencing option, such as Skype, as well as another great feature: The ability to join an online meeting without a PIN. Almost 40 percent of the study’s respondents agreed that a click-to-join feature, as opposed to using an inconvenient PIN, was a strong advantage. So long as a user has Internet access, they can quickly enter a meeting with, quite literally, one click of a button.

Experience Improved Collaboration

It’s no secret that Web conferencing can drastically lower a small business’s travel costs. Booking planes and finding hotel accommodation, so you can meet with potential clients or your remote team members, can be a cost center for many businesses. Not to mention the expense of being away from your office and the possibility of experiencing productivity lulls.

Web conferencing enables you to conduct even cross continental meetings from the convenience of your office. Not only can you gain better communication on a global level, Web conferencing also offers tools that can allow you to break language barriers as well. It’s already being done in the healthcare industry, as Web conferencing has enabled remote physicians to communicate with patients in foreign countries in the event that the onsite doctors do not speak the same language.

But Web conferencing isn’t just a smart option for conducting meetings –you can also use it to train your sales team by using features to share files and documents and holding fast, high quality Web-based video interviews.

Additionally, Web conferencing is now being used as a way to showcase your business’s products. According to the Software Advice study, small businesses use Web conferencing to share product demos with their customers, thus transforming Web conferencing into a wide reaching marketing tool, thereby enhancing businesses’ reach affordably and conveniently.

Small businesses: Join the ranks of those who are empowering their business functionality by using WebRTC-based Web conferencing. Find out more by clicking here!

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