SIP Trunking Brings Business Phone Systems Up to Speed


In a 2015 study by The Eastern Management Group, a marketing consulting and research company, 58 percent of organizations stated they were using SIP trunking, up 38 percent from the previous study in 2014. Revenue resulting from SIP trunking is expected to grow by an additional 22.5 percent before 2019.

By freeing businesses from their dependence on hardware-based communication systems, the potential for growth with SIP trunking is extraordinary. SIP, which stands for Session Initiation Protocol, utilizes VoIP to link with private branch exchanges (PBXs), thereby replacing traditional telephone trunks, allowing companies to communicate globally via fixed and mobile phone systems, as well as enabling video distribution and instant messaging.

Companies that implement SIP trunking can benefit by upgrading their current communication systems in the following ways:

  • Combine data, voice and video in a single line, thereby eliminating individual physical media for each mode. This is both cost-effective and enhances consistency for multimedia services.
  • Make and receive local, long-distance and emergency calls; access directory assistance via fixed and mobile telephone sets; email; text message; and browse the Internet, all at a much lower cost than traditional systems.
  • Maintain current SIP-enabled hardware or devices, using current infrastructures and mobile devices, without forgoing existing VoIP services.

3CX PBX supports SIP trunking worldwide with pre-configured templates that are included in 3CX Phone System, enabling quick and easy configuration. Ultimately, SIP trunking is all about productivity and cost. By facilitating internal collaboration and integrating unified communications applications into company phone systems, staff will be connected and in sync. And since SIP phone lines run via the Internet, there is no need for constant wiring or reconfiguration whenever expansion requires companies to add more lines due. A definitive win-win for all.

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