Enterprise-Class Online Classroom Solution


Set up an online classroom, arrange live lectures, web meetings, individual one-on-one sessions and webinars in real-time over the internet with 3CX WebMeeting. Share notes, documents and presentations with your participants and fully manage your online classroom.

Share and Interact with Your Online Participants

Share PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, documents and other files whilst conveying your ideas more clearly by using markup and annotations over slides and pages. Co-browse, share your screen or just a single application or video to enhance your computer-based training classes and give remote control to students and attendees.

From Chalk and a Blackboard to a Modern Online Whiteboard

3CX WebMeeting allows you to take brainstorming to another level as you can store all your ideas as well as your participant’s ideas on an online whiteboard. Take your online classroom to the next level by using it in your classes, letting your students take part in the discussion.

Advantages of Hosting an Online Classroom

3CX WebMeeting provides you with a modern and innovative way to teach your students, unlike traditional distance learning programs, which have low completion rates as students can feel isolated as they are left to learn on their own.

3CX WebMeeting breaks down any barriers that can affect your students, allowing you to interact with them as if you were sat right there with them. Simply schedule your live online classroom and allow your participants or students to drop into an existing virtual classroom to connect with the tutor. Ensure your students are always up to date by sharing recorded sessions with any participants that couldn’t make it.

Create engaging learning environments with online classrooms that are powered by 3CX WebMeeting!

Try out 3CX WebMeeting for free today! Download 3CX Phone System and enable 3CX WebMeeting.

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