Use Your Phone System to Say Goodbye to Sick Days


Remote work through telecommuting might sound like a death sentence to your business’s productivity, but it actually might lower numbers of sick days taken and greatly increase productivity. In fact, a recent study revealed that telecommuters completed 13.5 percent more calls than employees working in the office.

What’s more, according to the American Management Association organizations with a work from home program realized a 63 percent reduction in unscheduled absences, i.e. sick days. A softphone solution that supports telecommuting will likely reduce absences, all the while maintaining great collaboration, increasing employee health and minimizing workload stress.

Increased Productivity

With a softphone solution, colds and allergies will no longer be such an impediment to workflow. Even better, when sick employees know that they have the ability to work from home, they will be less likely to come into the office while ill – potentially preventing the spread of the flu or other sickness in the office.  Additionally, a softphone solution that allows employees to telecommute is ideal for inclement weather like snow storms, which would normally bring productivity to a halt.

Positive effects on Employees and Office

Healthy and happy employees can improve a business’s margins. When employees use softphone technology to work remotely, businesses in general see a lower employee turnover rate. Remote workers also get more exercise, have reduced stress and are more willing to stay with a company.

In addition, with your employees working remotely, your business may experience lower operating costs for your office, including lower heating and electricity costs, and a reduction in the need for office supplies.

Maintain Great Collaboration

Team synergy won’t suffer as result of remote workers, as a softphone solution allows your employees to conduct their work via their mobile devices. Other collaborative tools of a softphone, like instant messaging, make it relatively convenient and efficient for telecommuting employees to stay in touch with the office and their colleagues. Softphone’s video conferencing features also ensure that remote work employees never need to miss a meeting.

So gain more from your employees, even when they have the sniffles. A softphone solution can help you reduce unnecessary absences and, in turn, boost your bottom line.

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