MOBOTIX Q25 Camera Solution in a Real Fire Situation


MOBOTIX Q25 captured on video the amazing efforts of the security guards who received complains of thick smoke at 7th floor of their building. The fire was spreading throughout the entire floor. The Q25 camera managed to record more than an hour longer than other brand cameras that were on the same floor.

This shocking video shows you how robust and reliable MOBOTIX cameras can be.

Thankfully, no one is hurt in this true story.

The MX-Q25M-SEC-D12 Q25 Hemispheric Network Camera from MOBOTIX is a compact IP65-rated weather-proof camera featuring a 5MP day (color) sensor and a 12mm fisheye lens. When mounted on the ceiling, the camera is capable of providing full 360° view, or a 180° widescreen panorama when mounted on a wall. Thus, a single camera is needed to monitor an entire room up to all four corners.

The fisheye distortion is automatically corrected by the integrated camera software in live view. The monitoring capabilities offered by this hemispheric camera not only reduces the number of required cameras, but also minimizes system costs by reducing wiring complexity, emergency power requirements, and number of recording devices required.

The high-sensitivity 5MP sensor captures color images of good quality even in low-light conditions. The images are captured at resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 (QXGA), and you can also select to record in lower resolutions such as Full HD or 720p.

The weatherproof MxBus and MiniUSB interfaces of the camera allow attaching MOBOTIX interface boxes and standard devices, such as 3G/UMTS modems and external storage devices (all available separately). The integrated flash memory (4GB microSD card included) provides secure long-term storage and eliminates the need for external storage devices.

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