Simply put, internal corporate communication is the key to continued business success. Sharing your ideas and unique value propositions with your fellow colleagues is crucial to driving profitability and consistent brand messaging. But, if your sales force is on the road much of the time and your marketers are working from home frequently, your internal communication may be becoming compromised.

As such, business leaders must cast an eye towards today’s advanced business PBX technology as there are a myriad of products that can help revitalize organizations’ communications benchmarks. In fact, according to PWC’s” 17th Annual Global CEO Survey,” 90 percent of CEOs in the technology industry believe that technological advancements will transform their business over the next five years.

So, even if you are not in the technology industry, you can still leverage today’s innovations to transform your business. Let’s look at two communications technologies that can augment your organization’s communication best practices:

Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) help companies enjoy a more convenient, near real-time method of correspondence thanks to its all-encompassing portfolio of features. UC users can take advantage of as many or as few features from instant chat to voicemail-to-email to Web conferencing as they like; it all depends on how you want to customize your business’s phone system. For instance, rather than traveling across the globe to meet with your business partners—and experiencing downtime due to flying and becoming disconnected with your employees—employees can leverage web conferencing to hold a virtual conference meeting. In doing so, you can maximize your time by meeting with your geographically dispersed partners all while remaining at your home office.


For the times when you must travel, a softphone solution can keep you connected with your employees at the office through your mobile phone. With a softphone, you can leverage your desk phone number from your mobile device—so you’ll never need to give out your personal information or become disconnected from the action back at home base. Specifically, with a softphone you won’t have to undergo the overwhelming experience of returning from a trip only to find 20 voicemails and an unmanageable email inbox. Instead, you can keep up with your messages and emails straight from your mobile device, so you can stay notified and alert at all times.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your organization’s communication standards when you aren’t physically in the office. Keep up with the pace of technology and transform your business with today’s advanced phone systems.

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