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Today’s businesses are gradually becoming aware of the beneficial attributes of deploying unified communications (UC) across their organization—including more seamless internal operations and improved customer care. In fact, UC is becoming a key differentiator among your competitors. According to a Webtorials Editorial and Analyst Division survey, 72 percent of enterprises have adopted at least one component of a UC solution.

If you’re not yet deploying UC in your business, perhaps it’s because you are unaware of just how vital the technology is to enhancing communication and collaboration among your colleagues and staff. If that’s the case, allow us to shed some light on the advantages UC brings to this area. For starters, consider the following three functions of a UC platform—all of which enhance employee productivity:

Real-time communications

When your employees can use real-time communications tools such as videoconferencing and instant messaging over the Internet, collaboration and communication is enhanced. Moreover, UC affords companies the chance to leverage presence technology, which reduces the amount of time wasted trying to either physically locate or connect virtually with unavailable colleagues.

Robust features for remote workers

Regardless of the location or proximity of all users, UC will help you keep workers connected to office staff and resources. For instance, hosting virtual meetings via web conferencing allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of face-to-face meetings, while also saving time and money.

Mobility options

UC will also keep your workers connected on the road. UC systems that include mobile clients allow companies to easily embrace next-generation mobile trends like bring your own device (BYOD), providing on-the-go employees with the same communications features and functionality as they would have from their desktops. This is important because soon millennials may comprise the majority of your staff (the U.S. Bureau of Statistics reports that, by 2020, persons born after 1980 will comprise half of the nation’s workforce) and they are more apt to join up with companies that leverage cutting-edge technology.

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