Let a Softphone End Your Days as a Mega-Commuter

mega-commuter-160x105Mega-commuting, or driving more than 90 minutes and 50 miles each way to work, is a reality for many workers. According to the latest U.S. Census, nearly 600,000 full-time workers in the U.S. fit into this category. A hefty commute can take its toll on an individual. In fact; it’s been linked with mental and physical health problems such as weight gain, stress and physical pain.

As such, those in management positions must make it a priority to offer a solution to employees who live far from the workplace in order to give them a break from long car or train rides. By providing more flexible and accommodating work arrangements like work from home capability employees can improve their quality of life while remaining productive and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Advanced telecommunications technology can provide a remote working solution that will help mega-commuters keep working while sidestepping unnecessary stress.  Implementing this type of communications solution as part of your remote work strategy benefits your employees and your organization in the following ways:

Increased employee satisfaction

Long commutes can make employees feel exhausted, isolated and ultimately dissatisfied with their jobs. The ability to work effectively from home can offset some of those negative effects. With a softphone workers can gain access to unified communications tools instant chat or Web conferencing for example, by simply installing the software on their personal devices, PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Increased productivity

Mega-commuters can save three to four hours per day or more by eliminating their drive or train ride. With a softphone, employees will no longer be unreachable during their commutes or late to meetings due to traffic jams or public transportation slowdowns. Instead, employees can receive voicemails, calls and even see the presence of their colleagues all from their personal devices.

Maintain a unified company culture

With an Internet-based, PBX system every inbound or outbound call made or received by a remote worker appears as if it originates from inside your brick and mortar location. This software-based solution provides just as much security and reliability as if your employees were communicating from their desk phones. This consistency supports your company’s brand and reputation all while satisfying your long distance employees.

It’s time to give your mega-commuting employees a break from rush hour traffic. With a softphone you can maintain your business productivity and ease your employees stress all at once.

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