How a Softphone Can Help You Make the Most of Your Vacation


Ahhh … you’re awash in balmy breezes, your feet in the sand, gentle waves gently lap the tropical shore. Then, bing! You’ve just received a text message from your co-worker. Phew, for a minute there you thought you might be missing something.

Fortunately, with softphone software embedded in your smartphone, you can relax anywhere knowing that you’re not missing a single important message. Vacations are intended to be relaxing—to help you detox from all the stressors back at the office. But how can you relax knowing that you might cause yourself more hassle by being temporarily out of the loop?

Make sure you get the break you need without cutting off all communication with your business by deploying 3CXPhone on your smartphone. Using 3CX Phone System, with 3CXPhone you can take your office extension with you anywhere—and launch, answer or transfer calls from your smartphone or laptop.

You can also avoid being bothered when you truly want to take yourself off the grid by setting your status so colleagues know whether you are available or not. That is, with a softphone from 3CX, you can easily integrate your company’s unified communications (such as presence) into your smartphone.

By using just your one desktop work number, all incoming office calls, emails and texts can be redirected to your smartphone. We provide the softphone software free of charge, and there are no additional licensing costs either. Right from the beach, you can access your company phone book and participate in conference calls with your colleagues or clients.

Other benefits include:

  • Costs: Save on calls by making free inter-office calls from anywhere
  • Detection avoidance: Your location is not identified as in or out of office
  • Call history: View your previous call interactions at any time
  • Voicemail: Easily manage voicemail via email notification


Take advantage of a FREE softphone from 3CX.


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