Why is Clarity Technologies Group, LLC deploying MOBOTIX Hemispheric IP Video Door Stations? Here’s why …


Better Overview

Increased Security

HiRes 180° Panorama View No blind spots from wall to wall thanks to hemispheric technology

Mobile Remote Access Worldwide

Two-way video communication and door opening Keyless Entry Door opening via PIN, transponder or MOBOTIX App Embedded Mailbox

Recording video messages directly at the Door Station Onboard Long-Term Storage

Automatic recording of all visitors in front of the building

Secure System Design Efficient protection against theft and unauthorized access

That’s why!



Mobotix T25 Door Station

UNIQUE: ALL ROUND VIEW WITH NO BLIND SPOTS AND GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY MOBOTIX, the world market leader for high-resolution video security systems, is entering the market for intelligent, IP-based access control and home automation systems with its innovative hemispheric T25 IP Video Door Station. In addition to the Door Station (T25-CamCore), the modular T25 system includes an optional Access Module (Bell RFID or Keypad RFID), Security Door Opener (MX-Door Master) with doorbell and Two-Wire Network Module (Info2wire+). The new IP telephony standard enables the user to establish a direct connection from the Door Station to any VoIP phone or any computer or smartphone running VoIP software or the MOBOTIX App. By setting up the appropriate network infrastructure, the user can establish video connections, remotely open doors or view video messages and review recordings from anywhere around the world.

Mobotix App iPhone

Superior Overview No other video door station in the world can offer this: MOBOTIX hemispheric camera technology enables the user to view the entire area in front of the building in the video. This means that the image section can always be focused on any area of interest, regardless of the distance between the Door Station and the door itself. The operator can change the current image section in seconds on the monitor located at the remote station: from a close-up of the visitor all the way to an overview panorama. The image is panned and zoomed electronically without any mechanical movement, meaning that there is no wear and tear to the camera and no maintenance is required. In addition, the MOBOTIX system allows users to return to the recording at a later time and view the entire entrance area, even if the video at the time of the actual recording was focused on the visitor’s face.


T25 Stand Alone

Based On Internet Technology The Internet technology on which the camera is based makes it possible: The Door Station can be used both at home and around the world. The new IP telephony standard enables the user to establish a direct connection from the T25 to any VoIP phone, computer or smartphone running VoIP software. Central control units or computers are not required for operation. With the appropriate network infrastructure, the user can • Establish a live video connection • Remotely open doors and • View video messages and review recordings Optional Remote Station The Door Station is not bound to just one expensive, manufacturer-dependent remote station. It can be connected to any suitable VoIP videophone in the world that supports the H.264 (video) and G.711 (sound) standards. It is not necessary to install any software on the videophone. The Door Station displays a basic operating menu created specifically for telephone keypads directly in the camera image. In addition to supporting the intercom feature with video and sound, IP videophones support additional features such as door/light control, image search, quick recording and vPTZ functions. MOBOTIX supplies MxEasy software to enable the Door Station to be conveniently operated with a computer. This free-of-charge program, which is offered on the MOBOTIX website, turns any computer (Apple or Windows based) into a multi-functional remote station with an intuitive user interface in no time at all.

Call Clarity Technologies, LLC today to learn more about MOBOTIX and MOBOTIX door station T-25. Dial 800-354-4160 or use your Chrome Browser from any microphone and speaker equipped computer at https://pbx.clarityscg.net:5001/callus/779406.

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