Karen Live and Thermal

The World’s First Flexible Dual Thermal Camera


MOBOTIX S15 Color with MOBOTIX Thermal Imaging Sensor


The compact S15D FlexMount is a universally deployable, easy concealable video system with a highly detailed resolution of up to 2 x 6 megapixels. The fully weatherproof IP camera has two miniature sensor modules, which are each connected to the camera housing with a sensor cable. Thanks to the hemispheric dual lens, two separate rooms can be secured simultaneously without any blind spots.

The new thermal sensor modules measure the thermal radiation of objects, so that they can function in absolute darkness. Together with the new MxActivitySensor, they can reliably detect motion in images at night. Only changes in position trigger a signal. Objects moving on the spot do not trigger a signal. The thermal sensor modules also have an advantage during the day since they can detect moving objects in shadows, semi-darkness, smoke, or behind bushes.

With the S15D FlexMount, two 6MP sensor modules featuring microphones are connected to a concealed camera housing via cables of up to three meters long for each module (total max. 6 m). Two adjacent rooms can be discreetly monitored with just one camera.

S-15 FOV

PT Mount-Thermal

S-15 PT Mount

Manual Pan-Tilt Mount With Integrated Thermal Sensor

MOBOTIX offers the high-quality, weatherproof PT Mount-Thermal (IP65), an attractive, compact, discreet and dome-shaped mount that is adjustable in three directions and contains a pre-installed MOBOTIX L43, L65 or L135 thermal sensor module. It is always possible to find the right position thanks to the great flexibility available when adjusting the modules. When mounted to a wall, for example, the mount makes it possible to compensate for sideways tilt and to realign the image horizon horizontally to record the best possible image of the area to be secured.

Simple Ceiling or Wall Installation

The PT Mount-Thermal contains an integrated, two-meter sensor cable that simply needs to be connected to the S15D camera housing, making efficient installations and customer-specific special installations very easy. Every previously delivered S15D above camera firmware version can be used with the new PT Mount-Thermal, which converts it into a high-end thermographic camera.

Available from Clarity Technologies Group, LLC. Call 800-354-4160 today for a demonstration or to order your MOBOTIX solution!

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