Avoid IT Infrastructure Encumbrances with a Virtual Phone System



It’s time to loosen the grip on your legacy phone system. All you’re gaining from holding tight to your proprietary on-premises PBX telephony is a mountain of equipment purchase and maintenance costs as well as flexibility constraints and limited feature set upgrades.

Instead, a virtual (or hosted) PBX takes the burden of acquiring and keeping up with telecom equipment off your shoulders and allows you the freedom to easily expand your phone system as you grow. And with access to the vast resources of your provider, your small business can anticipate being able to offer features consistent with those of a major enterprise.

The benefits of having your IP-PBX system hosted in the cloud are first and foremost due to the reduced infrastructure involved. Let’s take a look at the pieces of equipment you can offload to your hosted provider when onboarding virtual PBX:

Computer equipment

Your virtual provider will house the IP-PBX equipment, as well as the technology, required to provide telephony services.

IP-PBX server and LAN

An on-site router connects through an IP-PBX server at the provider’s location.

Desk sets

These are the same IP phones in both cases, except the phones plug into the on-site router when you have a hosted system. The provider handles calls, signaling and features through its IP-PBX server.

Besides relieving your business of these infrastructure encumbrances, hosted PBX offers other benefits such as minimal IT support, financial respite, continuity in the face of power outages, and robust features (e.g., videoconferencing and instant chat).

Another especially valuable benefit of a virtual PBX is the ability it gives your growing business to easily expand. Adding and deleting virtual phone numbers is fast and easy, so is moving the phone system entirely by connecting IP phones to a broadband connection.

Uncomplicate your business telephony today by investing in hosted PBX phone system.


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