Cloud or Virtual PBX: The Gift That Keeps on Giving for SMBs

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Want to save your SMB from an unneeded cash drain? Then your first step in the right direction is investing in a business phone system that is cost efficient, simple to maintain and won’t require on-premises equipment. As such, implementing a virtual PBX as your SMB’s main phone system can not only help you save money, but it can also augment your new business venture by providing substantial ROI, smooth integration and top-notch collaboration features.

Here are a few reasons why a virtual PBX is a business savvy solution for your SMB:

Simple Maintenance and Management

When a proprietary PBX needs a repair or an update you might find yourself looking at an exorbitant repair bill due to its on-premises copper wiring. In contrast, a virtual PBX operates from a software-based infrastructure, which, unlike proprietary PBX systems that have a physical infrastructure, will require fewer maintenance and repair costs. In addition, virtual PBX is easily managed—anyone who can use a desktop or a laptop computer will be able to operate on this software-based PBX. As well, it’s simple enough that you won’t need to provide your staff with additional training to use it.

Cost Efficient Integration and Scaling

With a simple Internet download, you can integrate a virtual PBX into your SMB. Conversely, a proprietary PBX—with its complicated wiring and complex infrastructure—is difficult to implement. What’s more, if you wish to scale with a proprietary PBX, you have to add expensive hardwires and undergo downtime due to on-site installation. A virtual PBX, in contrast, allows you to scale your phone system straight from its computer-based interface, enabling users to connect to external office locations and add extensions at no additional cost.

Feature-Rich Collaboration Tools

A virtual PBX allows you to take advantage of tools like Web conferencing, for example, when you integrate unified communications (UC) into your system. As such, SMBs gain more collaboration tools for a portion of the cost of a traditional phone system. In addition, tools such as instant chat can be used to communicate in near real time with remote employees, and thus enhance company synergy.

So, preserve your finances and choose a phone system that will give your Small or Medium sized Business the greatest bang for its buck.

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