Your ‘Old Style’ PBX is Dating You, Let IP-PBX Help You Stay Relevant


If you’re still using a legacy phone system you might as well be using a rotary phone. With the wealth of advancements emerging in the telecom market—like IP-PBX phone systems equipped with unified communications (UC) features—your business can’t stand to communicate the way it did decades ago.

In fact, your competitors are now operating with more efficiency due to today’s technology advancements, and if you want to remain relevant, it’s time to consider replacing your legacy phone system and implement a more robust IP-PBX solution.

Here’s a few ways an IP-PBX phone system can augment your business communications and help you gain a competitive edge:


While continuing to use a legacy phone system might seem the simpler option when imaging the potential downtime you might incur when replacing phone systems—the reality is that installing an IP-PBX system is easier and an arguably more convenient choice in the long run. With an IP-PBX system you don’t have to worry about telecommunications downtime for your business during its installation because phone lines are routed via the Internet, i.e. no physical hardware is required. What’s more is its user-friendliness as its computer-based interface makes it simple to manage, even if you aren’t an IT expert.


An IP-PBX solution comes with the additional advantage of heightened scalability options. In contrast, your current legacy phone system requires expensive hardware—like copper wiring—if  you want to add more scale to your phone system. With an IP-PBX businesses can easily add phone lines and extensions by way of a drop down menu on a simple to use software-based interface.  As such, you can sidestep installing new hardware components whenever you decide to add new business locations or expand your employee base and, as a result, need more extensions.

Robust Features

Both you and your employees have hectic schedules and need a phone system that can support communication needs on-the-go.  An IP-PBX solution equipped with UC features such as voicemail –to-email—meaning that the recorded file is rerouted from an employee’s’ desk phone and sent to their email. As such, mobile employees can access their messages no matter their physical location.

Your business communications system could use a big step into the 21st Century of telecommunications—let IP-PBX be your reason to transition. Call Clarity Technologies Group, LLC today for more information at 800-354-4160!



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