Only Use Your Phone System for Calls? Your Competitors are Doing Much More


In today’s bustling business world, you need a way to communicate fast, on-the-go and on multiple platforms in order to keep up with its pace. If your current phone system only sends and receives calls, then you’re a bit behind the times. In fact, your legacy phone system is causing your businesses to miss out on the functionality offered by more modern, advanced telecommunications that your competitors are currently enjoying. Upgraded technology, like that of unified communications (UC) can help your organization stay competitive in a business environment that emphasizes collaboration, communication and mobility.

Today’s robust, IP-enabled systems do much more than handle inbound and outbound calls. In fact, advanced phone systems can support your organization’s communications best-practices and provide increased uptime—which is a must-have in preserving your company’s reputation and productivity levels.

As such, upgrading to an IP-enabled phone system with UC capabilities is a key component in keeping up with today’s fast-paced and always connected business environment.

Here are two ways a UC-enhanced phone system will help your organization keep up with the times and gain a competitive edge:

Increased internal collaboration

An IP-enabled phone system delivers UC to make collaborating with colleagues simple and instant, whether they are in the next cubicle or several time zones away. UC  features such as instant chat, video conferencing and fax and voicemail to email allow employees to communicate with each other in a more effective and timely manner, whether they need a quick question answered or to share a visual presentation.


Collaboration and communication can’t be limited to an office desk phone in today’s on-the-go business environment. Instead, employees must be able to dependably connect to their business’s phone system from Smartphones, desktops and laptops so that they can receive messages and even participate in Web conferencing sessions no matter their geographical location. An IP-enabled phone system that is compatible with clients for Android and iOS mobile devices allows employees to take their office extension with them anywhere, which makes for future-ready business communications.


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