Clarity offers IP Door Phones with Cloud and onsite PBX


Clarity Technologies Group, LLC utilizes an open standard VoIP technology. As such, any open standard SIP device can be registered to the Cloud PBX or to our onsite PBX…it is not reserved for IP phones only.
At Clarity Technologies Group, LLC we specialize in providing support to our customers on phone system design and installation. We regularly assist our clients with integrating non-telephony requirements into our Cloud and onsite PBX as part of their larger IT infrastructure deployment.
Look at this common example scenario: Your  front door and lock at the main entrance into the lobby. An IP intercom door station can be installed at the front door (preferably a door strike is already in place. If not, this will need to be installed as well). The Door Phone unit can be registered as a SIP extension, just like any other SIP phone. When a customer arrives at the front door, they simply push the call button on the Door phone and initiate a call to the IP Phone on the receptionist’s desk. When the receptionist answers, she or he can have a conversation with the customer and can even see the person at the door with many of our Video Door Phones and then if you should choose to allow entry, simply dial the entry code your phone such as **. This will trigger the door lock and allow the person to enter. This functionality can be expanded to include a door station with a camera that will launch a video call on the receptionist’s phone. This will allow you to have a live video call with the person at the front door.


This is just one example of how to leverage Cloud and on site PBX to be much more than just a PBX.  Call Clarity Technologies Group, LLC at (800) 354-4160 to get on board today!
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