Three Surprising Benefits Your Business Will Derive From SIP TrunkingSIP-Trunking-160x105


When you decide to upgrade your old PSTN or legacy PBX phone systems to embrace the enhanced business features of VoIP/IP PBX telephony, most IT managers assume their businesses will receive basic known perks such as cost effectiveness and scale. What you may not realize, however, is that the new phone system will come complete with several additional and valuable benefits.

First, understand that telephony today is moving from PSTN (including ISDN, analog, T1, et al.) to more flexible SIP trunks, which are simply telephone line trunks (groups) delivered over IP using the SIP standard. Furthermore, several big telecom providers are phasing out PSTN functionality, making a future upgrade mandatory. When you choose SIP trunking, this means your business will enjoy the following value-adds:


IP-based SIP trunks are far more flexible than traditional “fixed” circuits. If your office loses its connection, phone lines can be rolled over to phones or devices located anywhere on your network or backup facility. It’s also easy to quickly add channels to your SIP trunk to handle increased call volumes. You can even avoid expensive extra capacity by choosing the number of channels you need, vs. having to add 15 to 30 lines with ISDN/T1.


Use one physical line to connect voice, data and video. A video connection can be carried over the same network that handles your phone traffic when calls are made between video-enabled IP phones, for example. This will ease the installation and maintenance of your entire communications system.


With SIP trunking, you do not need to replace your existing PBX. Instead, you can install an integrated access device to make your legacy hardware compatible with your new communication technology.

You will save money and increase your communications capabilities by migrating to SIP for Internet and telephone services. Call Clarity Technologies Group, LLC at 800-354-4160 to get started today with a SIP-based 3CX Phone System for Windows.

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