Many IT Decision Makers Are Adopting SIP Trunking, Are You?

Sip Trunking

It’s hard to ignore today’s great migration towards Internet-based business communications. In fact, many organizations currently operate with some degree of Internet telephony integrated into their phone system infrastructure like for example, SIP trunking.

In fact, a recent report from Software Advice called “Top Considerations for Selecting and Implementing a SIP Provider” revealed that 69 percent of IT decision makers have adopted SIP trunking for their organization.

With over half of IT decision-makers leveraging SIP enabled phone systems, it’s now time for organizations that are still using legacy telephony to join the ranks of Internet-based solutions to experience increased:


SIP trunking can solve your internal collaboration woes as the IP enabled phone lines enable businesses to easily incorporate robust unified communications (UC) tools into their phone systems. With SIP trunk integration, you can get your team instant chatting and web conferencing in no time.


No copper wires, no problems. SIP phone lines are routed via the Internet, eliminating the requirement for on-premise wiring. Even if your business decides to integrate SIP trunking with your existing on-premise system (yes, SIP trunking is also customizable), you can still reap the benefits of adding more Internet-based lines to your SIP trunk whenever your business experiences growth.

Don’t let your business communications fall behind. Get up to speed on all you need to know about the benefits of SIP trunk solution now!

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