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MOBOTIX security cameras offer a multitude of advantages over other camera manufacturers. All MOBOTIX security cameras are all equipped with high-resolution image sensors that allow the security cameras to capture a detailed image for advanced post-processing. The cameras have no moving parts which minimizes maintenance and failure while increasing the overall life of the cameras.

One of the most significant differences between MOBOTIX security cameras and those manufactured by others is their decentralized design. MOBOTIX security cameras are completely IP based and are essentially a computer with a camera attached to it. This means that when you view a MOBOTIX camera out of the box, you have a stand-alone security system. In addition, the decentralized design minimizes the need for a powerful central computer or DVR to poll the cameras and process images. MOBOTIX security cameras write images directly to an SD Card and or to a NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Almost all MOBOTIX security cameras feature sound recording in addition to the video recording. This is a particularly useful feature in applications where it is difficult to understand exactly what is occurring in the recorded clip. The audio features also include full SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) capability and these cameras can be used as a communication interface without the need to build additional infrastructure.

MOBOTIX security cameras all include automatic image adjustment and correction. This advanced feature allow MOBOTIX security cameras to be utilized in conditions that previously would not work with traditional security cameras. For example, assume an employer wanted to ensure that they could always see the screen of a computer located in front of a window. Traditional cameras would make the screen of the computer indiscernible because the light from the window would wash out the display. With MOBOTIX security cameras, it’s as easy as drawing a box around the portion of the image that you want to ensure you always see. MOBOTIX security cameras automatically adjust their image settings to maintain the best possible picture of that portion of the image.

Another of the host of features MOBOTIX security cameras include is automatic event triggering. Events can be triggered by motion, sound, light change, and a many other inputs. From these events, MOBOTIX security cameras can be configured to send an email, make a phone call, sound an audible alarm, increase the frame rate, and much more.

Clarity Technologies Group, LLC is proud to be an Advanced MOBOTIX Partner.

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