The Rise of the Virtual Worker

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A recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that individuals—specifically those working for the company Ctrip—completed 13.5% more calls than those working from the office, adding almost an entire workday per week in additional productivity. In addition, the same organization saved $1,900 per employee by eliminating workplace furniture and space when it allowed employees to work from home.

This evidence shows that telecommuting offers real benefits for businesses in terms of productivity gains and cost savings. As well, aggregated research suggests that satisfied employees are the most productive. As such, the more flexibility and options you can offer your workforce, the more your organization will prosper.

A cloud PBX provider like Clarity Technologies Group, LLC can ensure that employees working from home have the same phone and communications access as those in the office, providing a collaborative environment that supports all employees, regardless of their location.

Benefits a remote workforce can gain from virtual PBX providers include:

Increased mobility

Whether employees are working from home or from a conference center or hotel, they can work more efficiently with the features a cloud PBX has to offer. For instance, remote workers can access voicemails, email, text alerts and call forwarding all from their cloud PBX interface. In this way, remote workers gain the same access to business tools as their colleagues who work in the office.


Clarity Technologies Group, LLC, a cloud PBX provider, can ensure that employees are always accessible and have the ability to collaborate with their team, even when they are working from home.  A cloud PBX provides the same communications features—like unified communications (UC) such as instant chat and video conferencing—so that remote workers aren’t limited in productivity potential. Remote workers can complete the same amount of work, if not more, straight from the comfort of their own homes with a cloud PBX.

Cost savings

Clarity Technologies Group, LLC offers flexible plans and options to fit any budget at a lower cost than a proprietary on premise system—due to the elimination of copper wiring and on-site maintenance. As such, companies gain more for less—like mobile flexibility—when they integrate cloud PBX solutions into their communications infrastructure.

Virtual workers are on the rise, is your business poised to meet this new employee’s expectations?

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